I'm in LOVE *swoon* New Left Media

This goes beyond the realm of Jaguar inductee. There should be a new category of amazing awesomeness that this man ascribes to. I could easily see him, with a bit more experience and hard work, being the next Anderson Cooper. His name is Chase Whiteside and he's the interviewer for New Left Media - my new favorite YouTube channel.

Their latest video is below. Go to YouTube, click subscribe, and enjoy! They don't have many videos up now, but I think they're about to be a HUGE deal!!!! Video below of their latest interview at a Sarah Palin book signing. However, they also have excellent videos interviewing Tea Party attendees, and they covered the No On One campaign in Maine.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. LOVE it! Already posted it to my Facebook...I am sure I will annoy a lot of people with, but this video completely cracks me up! Thanks for always posting such informative and controversial information! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Fire Lyte!
    Hoi Sum


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