Islam Is Not A Religion..........................say what?

On the November 19th Rachel Maddow show, she took a look at various conservatives and religious right leaders who've decided, yet again this decade, that we should target Muslims! This time Pat Robertson of the 700 club said that Islam is "not a religion" and that it's a "violent political system bent on the overthrow of governments and world domination."

All of this, of course, comes in the fall out of the Fort Hood shooting that took place on November 5th. To digress a moment, it's becoming rather clear that American politics, both on the left and the right, is turning away from the middle. Republicans, in order to garner a crowd and get elected, feel they have to rile up their core base, and that means pandering to the extremists from time to time. Likewise, Democrats - who aren't getting any help from the Republicans when it comes to passing healthcare - are beginning to pander to core Democratic groups. Doing so makes both parties' candidates difficult to get through a general election these days, because they can't get votes from the other side. Given that, let's go back to the Right getting really, really chummy with racist bigots.

US Representative Don Manzullo says of Muslims in general, "These are really, really mean people that are driven by some savage religion." Though, later on, he attempted to backtrack and say that not all Islamic people are....umm...savage. Just some. See the video below for more in-depth review of the topic, but suffice it to say that big named Conservatives are turning Islam into some sort of evil religion that simply seeks to kill everyone they don't like and that doesn't happen to already be Muslim. That's kind of ironic, since the meaning of Islam is "Peace acquired by submission to the will of God." Yep, it's all about the killing!

This is a Christian nation. Sorry, I know you don't want to hear it, but it is. And, in this wonderful nation of ours, we tend to not care about studying other religions, as most don't feel we need to know. So, we learn about other cultures from the news, from our churches (which is the worst place to learn about a religion that isn't yours), from our politicians, and from other sources other than the horse's mouth. Because of that we get this awful misinformation. While it's not the religion of choice for me, Islam turns out to be a HECK of a lot like Christianity. It has a prophet, a holy book, a set of tenets, do's and don'ts, beautiful scriptures of peace, and scriptures that I'm sure most of them aren't so proud of - just like the Christians and the inconvenient verses that talk about how evil women are and the like.


Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. Umm... It's called sarcasm. Either you're a racist that agrees that Islam is not a religion, or you didn't read the article to see that I'm actually defending Islam - and all other religions.

    But, suffice it to say, I shall most happily decline.



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