Jaguar Inductee: Trevor Donovan

This disgustingly gorgeous Hot Ness Monster is named Trevor Donovan. Apparently, he's an actor, but I've never seen him on anything. He's on things like 90210, and he's been a presenter at the know, he's been to the Oscars.

Ok, I know. Usually, these Jaguar inductees have some substance to them. They're smart or accomplished or respected in their field. They've got brains to go with their ridiculous brawn.

But...Oooh pretty! And, hey, he's 31! So...he's...umm..............

Did I already mention 'ooh pretty?' I did? Oh well. Hey, I'm trying to make up for the depressing news this week! Just enjoy! (damn it!)

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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