Shout Outs: Pagan Parents on the Edge & iPod Witch


I'm just humbled.........

I downloaded my PPOTE and my iPod Witch podcasts this morning on iTunes. Yeah for new episodes!!! But, both shows gave this little podcast some EXCELLENT reviews!!! I was the Podcast of the Moment over on iPod Witch. So, thank you Brook for that plug on your show. I'm so humbled by your words.

And Foxfire and Arrowind. You just moved me with your sincere words concerning me, my blog, and my podcast. I was a little misty by the time you were done. Guys, if ever the energies of the blessing I sent to you can do any good whatsoever, that is more than thanks enough. I truly pray for your family.

After these two plugs, the podcast has shot up to number 15 on iTunes right now. I cannot thank you all enough. Just yesterday I wasn't even in the top 100. So, thank you. Thank you. Thank YOU!!!!

Welcome new listeners/readers! I hope you all enjoy the Riot! Get ready, because I have some UBER HUGE shows planned for you wonderful listeners in the very near future.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte

Update: After the amazing shout outs done by these two wonderful podcasts, Inciting A Riot: the Podcast has jumped up to #9 in the Religion and Spirituality: other category on iTunes. Remember to subscribe through iTunes by doing a search for the show and clicking subscribe. That's how they do the rankings. Thank you again Foxfire, Arrowind, and Brook!


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