Sometimes in life douchebags just act in ways you can only consider a gift from the Goddess, a gift in the sense that I get to now ridicule them publicly.

Rob Kindler, the Vice-Chariman of Morgan Stanley (you know, the banking giant that was bailed out by our government, because they screwed us over?) has a new vanity plate on his new Porsche reading 2BG2FAIL. This is the biggest FU to the American people that I can think of. Not only is he mocking the riled emotions of jobless, homeless Americans - that he helped put there - but he's now flaunting the fact that the banking industry is doing so well they can still afford to give out millions in bonuses.

I vote that this man's brand spanking new Porsche get taken away and given to one of those Americans he helped screw over, and then I'd like to see him be forced to take public transportation. Forever.

Hey Washington!!! Are you listening?! Take the friggin bailout money back and distribute it to the AMERICAN FRIGGIN PEOPLE!!! Improve infrastructure. Create jobs. Improve foreign relations. Hell, do research on the moon, but don't give another cent to these people. They're laughing in your face and making a mockery of our economy.

It almost seems hypocritical at this point but...

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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