Avatar: the Review

I had to wait until today to post up my review about Avatar (James Cameron's flick, not eagerly-anticipated story of Aang the air bender), because I was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too buzzed about the movie last night to write a review that consisted of phrases other than
Yes, it is excellent, but it is excellent for many, many reasons.

  1. This movie does not leave you hanging. All the questions are answered, and you're not left feeling 'Great...now I've got to wait two years for the sequel to tell me what happens.' (Though, Cameron, thankfully, is planning 2 sequels. He could make 10 in my opinion.)
  2. From a pagan perspective, this movie is a quintessential go to to explain earth-centric worship of a non-humanized deity. The very deep and profound way they worship both the connectivity of every living thing, the energy that unites all, and the way we are merely brothers and sisters of the roaming beasts and the flowing air is completely spot on. At times, their rituals and practices made me weep.
  3. The VISUALS are the best I've ever seen. After about...oh...4 seconds, you lose sight of the fact that any part of this movie was not done with actual actors. The Na'vi (the big blue people) look as though some casting director had actually found a tribe of 10-feet-tall blue folks with hair that has a USB-drive to every living thing and put them in the movie. The cameras used were specially developed for this movie to film as the human eye sees, and it was all totally worth it! Oh...if you go see this film, please do so in 3D. 
  4. The action sequences are totally bad ass. If you're a human that likes to see epic battles acted out on screen, you'll just swoon to see the Na'vi go at it with the misguided human military.
  5. Despite being 2.5 hours long, it is made in such a way that 2.5 hours just isn't long enough. I could have sat through many more hours of that film.
This movie, as many big named reviewers have said, is the movie that will change the face of sci-fi/action/movies in general forever. From the technical aspects (cameras, green screen usage, quality of 3D renderings, etc.) to the kind of story portrayed, this movie deserves every award that is most assuredly coming its way. The Wild Hunt points out the many conservative dissenting opinions already abounding (Partner and I discussed that this would most definitely happen immediately after seeing it), I think this film will serve to open the eyes of the closed-minded as its ideals permeate our worldview.

My one note of warning: this movie is a pure fantasy. Yes, there are elements of truth in its call to action to save the earth and the desire to worship the Earth, but this film, the characters, the species, the planet, everything is FANTASY!!! Take from it the lessons it is meant to teach. Enjoy it for what it is. Hell, get the Blu Ray and watch it every day if you want, but remember that this is pure sci-fi heaven. Why do I harp on this? Because, when Harry Potter came out, people said they could commune with the characters on the astral plane. Some claimed they were a reincarnation of him. People took other stories like the Mists of Avalon and Charmed and the Matrix and the Lord of the Rings waaaaaay too literally and have actually now created whole religious systems based off the fictional fantasy accounts in these stories. We hear about people claiming to have whitelighters and traveling to Avalon through actual mists. 

So, I suppose the one cynical thing I have to say about this film is that I'm starting the countdown right now until someone claims to be a Na'vi Otherkin or creates a religion worshipping Eywa (their Earth Goddess) or some other such nonsense. 

To step off that soapbox, go buy your tickets RIGHT NOW to see this film. Do it in 3D if you can, and IMAX if you have one close to you. It is an experience that must be seen on the big screen. I've just seen it once, and it is already one of my top 3 favorite films of all time. Perhaps my favorite sci-fi film ever, and I'm a sci-fi activist. It is pure perfection.

5 out of 5 broomsticks!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. I cannot understand why did this movie earning so much. Too thin on plot too loud on cosmetic.

  2. Hey Fire Lyte,
    I must this once disagree with you-just a little :-). My husband and I saw Avatar this weekend and we didn't really like it. While someone with my political and religious views liked the message and could relate to it-I think the message was too in your face for those that actually need to hear the message. I would have preferred it to be a more subtle message-it felt like a redo of Fern Gully the cartoon for me. My husband who is a little more in the middle politically hated the movie-he found it boring and completely hippy dippy. He felt like it was really unoriginal because the whole save the rain forest, indigenous people and nature good/white people and technology bad story line has been done before. I was actually surprised how much he didn't like it. If he thought that I can't imagine what people like my parents thought-yikes. Personally I loved Zoe Saldana's character and I loved the message about Eywa-I got tingles when they were chanting at the tree! However, I found all the other characters underdeveloped and the whole colonel never dying for like twelve scenes killed me-it was so fake...So in conclusion I liked aspects of it, but saw much room for improvement. Sadly my nerd side was disappointed. I am glad you enjoyed it so much though!

    Hoi Sum

  3. See... I'm someone that recognizes the in-your-face message of the movie, likes it, and enjoys the ride. I can totally see how someone might feel the movie beat you over the head with the 'love the earth' mentality, but I've also seen friends and family that hate message movies and could care less about saving the earth come away saying WOW!

    I'll bet the next two films will fix all the small stuff, but they had to start somewhere!



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