Christmas Underwear Bomber

Just for posterity, the name of the rock I've been under is Roy. Yeah... I didn't know about the Christmas Day Underwear Bomber [attempt] until yesterday when I caught up on my Rachel Maddow show and news podcasts. As such, there are a lot of points to cover, so let's get right to them.

The facts: A man named Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab boarded a Northwest Airlines Flight (#253) going from Amsterdam to Detroit, Michigan while wearing - oh yes - underwear with an explosive called PETN sewn into the pouch. Apparently, there were 80 grams of the substance in the man's nether pants, which CBC News reported was enough to blow a hole in the side of the aircraft had the man been able to successfully detonate the substance with the syringe of acid he'd brought.

The man: Mutallab is a 23-year-old student - called a dream student by his professors - from a wealthy family who fell in love with the cause of the Taliban at an early age. He led peaceful protests for the US and UK in the war on terror while acting as President of the University College London's Islamic Society. Though, it is known now that he was groomed by al Qaeda while in London. Mutallab was charged on December 26th, 2009 with attempting to blow up a US aircraft.

The controversy: Controversy? Other than the fact that he tried to blow up a plane on Christmas? Well, it wouldn't be worthy of The Riot if there wasn't. So, in a nut shell, people are trying to claim that Mutallab's case is unique. The Rachel Maddow show reported that many conservative politicians and talking heads are calling for Mutallab to not be tried by the Federal Courts, and they believe he should not be afforded the same rights as any other criminal in this country. The problem with this idea is that there is a man named Richard Reid who tried pretty much the same thing 8 years ago with PETN in his shoe. He's now spending his life in federal prison. That seemed to work out.

Also, airlines are - of course - beefing up security. Except, they're just stopping what this one guy did in this one incident. Like, Northwest is now stopping people from having blankets on their laps or walking around the cabin one hour before landing. This doesn't really stop anybody that - for instance - wants to blow a plane up in the first hour of flight or, say, any other hour other than the last.

Yet another instance in which we're just cleaning up the mess after an event happened instead of proactively preparing for the next possible attack. I just really hope that this doesn't fuel another conservative surge of racial profiling...

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. Try him in federal court? Are you loco, boy? Try him in a court where there's things like due process and rules of evidence? I mean, not only is he a Muslim with a furrin-sounding name, but he's a person of color, for Pete's sake.

    Kidding aside, the fact is that the wingnuts have this thing about torture, and they'll use any excuse to demand that the authorities inflict it on anyone who doesn't look like them. No surprises here.

  2. Ok I say try him in a federal court. If he is in our country, if he was a natural born citizen, then not including his race, or his background he is an Americna Citizen, and so diserves all the same rights that citizens, and that we all have.
    Ok here is another food for thought: if a citizen from the United States goes to another country, then we have to follow their processes of law, because of how we commit a crime on their soil, we have to follow their laws, plain and simple he has to follow our laws on our soil. He cannot simply get away with a lesser punishment from his own country because of what he did, he HAS to be tried in a federal court, since it was a federal crime. He also did not have a passport on him, so basically there is another federal law/statute broken there, and he should have to suffer the consiquences on American soil as any of us would have to do in another country, and if anyone committed a crime here, the punishments.
    So to wrap up, this case isnt special or anything like that, he still voilated on a few counts of federal offences =)
    Love and Light


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