Coming Out Straight By Cuddling

Of course, the best way to get the gay out of you is by cuddling with another member of the same sex! Why didn't I think of this?! Oh...wait...I did. Except, the cuddling happened after...well...

Here's the story: Richard Cohen claims to be a conversion therapist. I say 'claims,' because he actually has no licensing credentials in the United States that would say he could be an actual counselor. Cohen actually used to be a licensed counselor, but he was kicked out by the American Counseling Association in 2002 for "[seeking] to meet [his] personal needs at the expense of clients, those that exploit the trust and dependency of clients, and for soliciting testimonials or promoting products in a deceptive manner."

What are his products, you ask? Well, he's got books, CDs, and DVDs that all either teach you how to be straight or teach you how to teach other people how to be straight. The prices for this therapy via recorded media ranges from $35 to $350. (Selfless folks, right?) Hey, he even offers teleconferencing classes for $450! You can bring the de-gayification straight to your TV!

Recently, Cohen's methods have garnered a lot of attention he doesn't want, because he claims he can cuddle the gay away. He says gay folks are just looking for a same-sex parent's love (not this tripe again!) and that we're afraid of intimacy with the opposite sex. Sorry... I need a moment.

Better, I was laughing too hard. So, he claims he cuddles with men in order to help them bond with another male in a non-sexual way. Yeah.......this guy who cheated on his wife with another man for 3 years isn't getting anything out of cuddling with the men-folk.

It should be noted that counseling and psychological/psychiatric authorities claim his methods to be dangerous, incorrect methods that do not truly work. Every psychological authority in America says that you never completely change someone from gay to straight, though you may assist someone in suppressing the behavior, this leads to psychological harm.

He went on the Rachel Maddow show last night and discussed why he thinks things like race and divorce make you gay. I HIGHLY encourage you to watch the video below. (It's a fairly long interview, about 15 minutes, so bear with it.) I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on the matter. Leave them in the comments section or send them to

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