Eastwick: WATCH IT

I kept wanting to say something about this show, but haven't. Don't know why. Probably should have before now, but...

OMG!!! HAVE YOU BEEN WATCHING EASTWICK!!! It's like... They took the stuff that was good about Charmed, threw out the bad, sprinkled in a bit of Desperate Housewives, and added weekly martini parties. I am completely over the moon on a broomstick about this series, but I'm afraid we may not see Eastwick season 2.

See, the show is garnering pretty good ratings, but it's nowhere near the explosive outpouring of viewers that ABC is used to for a show in its first year. Though, ABC executives call it a success, they have decided not to order anymore episodes this season. What this means is that if ratings don't jump up (which they have by 17%) considerably, then the show probably won't be making a comeback.

So, if you like shows like this, TUNE IN!!!! It's only by tuning in and supporting this show, and similar other shows, that we can continue to get quality, well-produced shows about witches and pagans from a normal semi-realistic viewpoint. Check your local listings.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. YES YES PLEASE watch the show! I look forward to Wednesdays just because of this show! I will be so sad if season two does not happen! Thank you so much for posting this Fire Lyte! Merry Yule today!


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