Episode 10: Inciting A Balanced Riot

Podbean finally caved in! Yeah!

Episode 10 of Inciting A Riot: the Podcast. Today's show is all about balance as I tackle the answers to two questions I posed on the previous episode dealing with darkness, balance, and sin.

The news articles covered are: Healthcare and the public option; Richard Cohen who cuddles the gay away, and Rob Kindler's vanity plate.

The word of the day is: provender.

The poem is: This babe just wants to be understood.

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  1. Yeah I am glad the episode is here Fire Lyte! Don't worry I still plan on emailing you soon with answers and opinions from your last too episodes-I have just been crazy busy! My first episode should be out tomorrow...I have to re-record it because my first attempt this weekend ended up with a million um's in the episode so embarrassing! Have a great week Fire Lyte!
    Hoi Sum


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