Episode 8: Inciting A Filtered Riot

Episode 8 of Inciting A Riot: the Podcast. It's a really quick turnaround for the show, but a lot of talk has come out about how we are supposed to be honest with one another. I felt this question couldn't wait another week, so I put this show together for you. Don't worry though, we've got all your favorite segments!

The news stories concern Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Act of 2009 and the crashers of the recent White House party.

The word of the day is "pundit."

Today's Gripe is about frivolous celebrity news trumping real news in the media.

The poem is "Satan Spandex Speedo."

The main topic discusses developing a worldview and filter that you use to separate truth from fiction.

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  1. You have far deeper insight than people twice your age...you may be just twenty three (same age as my oldest daughter)but polite society could learn a lot from those who stand up and question like yourself.

  2. Thank you so much, Liz. You always honor me with your kind comments.

    By the way, I am hopelessly dedicated to your blog. I, one day, look forward to hearing your voice in the podkin community. You would be so famous!



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