Episode 9: Inciting A Studious Riot

Episode 9 of Inciting A Riot: the Podcast. Today's show is a homework episode. I want you all to listen to the clip presented and do some thinking about a list of questions (below). 2 of these questions will be answered in the next episode, and other questions will be used as a basis for future shows. Send me your feedback on any/all of them to IncitingARiotPodcast@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

1. How does it appear Christians view pagans?
2. How have we as pagans facilitated this view?
3. How fair or unfair was the opinion formed by the Christian hosts towards the pagan festival’s meaning?
4. To quote the host of the radio show, “Why would I want darkness in me?”
5. Does the age of a text or ritual add to its correctness?
6. Can we, as humans, create our own rituals, and if we can how do we know we’re doing it correctly?
7. What happens when you die?
8. What is Wicca?
9. What is sin, and should we be forgiven for it? If so, who does the forgiving?

Questions 4 and 9 are going to be discussed in the next episode, so get your feedback in to me soon!

Love and Lyte,

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  1. Wow-I think this is your most thought provoking episode yet-Fire Lyte! I will definitely be thinking about those questions and sending you an email! To be honest that clip invokes so much passionate emotion in me, that I don't think I can answer those questions until my "Hulk-ing out" goes away :-). Another great job!
    Hoi Sum


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