Obama following the Bush doctrine...?

President Obama gave a speech this week in which he said he would send another 30,000 troops to Afghanistan with an eye to the Pakistani border. The President still holds that he plans on withdrawing from that area in 18 months, though it is unsure how you can safely pull out a little over 100,000 soldiers in that time period.

The unsettling bit about President Obama's speech is that it is in stark comparison to the speech of his predecessor, George W. Bush. Yeah... I was a bit shocked, too. In a speech President Bush gave, also to cadets at West Point, on September 2002 he unveiled the Bush Doctrine. The Bush Doctrine basically states that we will wage war wherever we think there might be a threat in the future, because, as Bush points out, "If we wait for threats to materialize, we will have waited too long....We must confront threats before they emerge."

Well, so President Obama, and most everyone who's anyone in the administration, admits that the Taliban/Al Qaeda/terrorism threat in Afghanistan is almost non-existent. Obama even said in his speech that the 'cancer' as he put it, the real threat, is over in Pakistan. So, we're building up forces in Afghanistan to wage war in Pakistan, because of a threat we're pretty sure is there. Oh, and we're also sending drones to Pakistan to attack various areas we think terror cells exist. Terror cells we're pretty sure are there, but there have been civilian casualties as well as a lot of damage. It's also caused the people of Pakistan to become frustrated with the United States, as they believe this reflects our policy of dealing with that nation. The Pakistani Parliament has even asked for the drone attacks to stop, but they haven't.

But, if the real war is in Pakistan, and that's where the drones are and the terror cells and all the bad guys from the Axis of Evil (remember that phrase? vomit), then why aren't those troops being deployed to...Pakistan....? Why are we still in Afghanistan if there is no threat in that nation, as General James Jones stated on the October 4th edition of CNN's State of the Union? Well, I obviously have no answers, but I would much rather we focus on the disgusting nature of the economy, the unemployment crisis, the healthcare system, civil rights, the infrastructure, and the rest of the problems here at home then continuing to invade sovereign nations on a friggin hunch. But, maybe that's just me.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte

P.S. From the Gripe Department: Can we all just collectively agree to STOP talking about Tiger Woods?! Which inkwell he dips his pen into is between him, his pen, and the inkwell in question...and yes his wife. He has never been a tabloid figure; he has never put his personal life out there for gossip fodder, but yet we hear he might be a lady's man and all of a sudden he's beating out legitimate news stories for the headline. Just stop it, people! He had a car wreck. Nobody was injured. He got a ticket. End of story. Jeez....


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