RIP deo's

I know... I know... deo's Shadow hasn't been a podcast in a long time. A really long time, but their website was still up and running for a long time. I was heading over there today to check out a link to a video I plan on using in an upcoming episode for Yule, but...the site is officially dead. In fact, if you'd like to purchase, you can do so.

I don't know what this will do for people that are trying to download the episodes of the show, but this is a resource we cannot waste. Deo and Mandy put out excellent, quality shows over an enormous amount of important topics. They had excellent contributed segments, such as 5-minute Tarot, and I would hate for these shows to be lost forever.

This show spawned an entire new generation of podcasters - myself and the Wigglian Way included - and I encourage you to head to iTunes and download every single episode that you can while you still can.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte

P.S. Look out for HOMEWORK coming your way! Yep, listeners/readers, the Yule show is going to require you all do a bit of homework. Don't worry, it simply requires listening to a short show I'll be producing in the near future.


  1. Homework? Actually I am pretty excited to see what you throw our way Fire Lyte! Your last episode was fantastic by the way! I am working on my podcast and will hopefully have the first episode up by this weekend. Do you know how I can add "commercials" to my episodes-i.e. adding other podcasters promos (like your's of course)?
    Have a wonderful day friend!
    Hoi Sum

  2. I am sad about Deos Shadow going away. I hope that the whole Atheism thing is a phase.

  3. Ummm... A phase? Really...? Is paganism just a phase for you? If they have chosen to not really worship a deity, it doesn't take anything away from their spirituality. More and more people are identifying themselves as 'spiritual' rather than religious. Labeling oneself as atheist is merely saying they are choosing to not subscribe to a set form of deity. I think anyone that listened to the show would at least agree that deo and Mandy had a wonderful sense of spirituality and a deep connection to the energy of life. What is more holy or divine than that?

    Phase, indeed...


  4. Thank you very much for clarifying that Fire Lyte. I was (I'm Jonoh by the way, hi) merely under the impression that Atheism was a rejection of all mysticism, spirituality and the very concept of deity. I stand corrected, at least with respect to Deo and Mandy.


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