Tears on Tyra and the Great Sadness

Tyra. Yep, I watch her show. The talk show, not the modeling one. Sometimes, Tyra's show delves into topics that I really enjoy, some of which have become news posts on this blog.

Not today. Today's show was the most heart-wrenching tearjerker I've seen in a while. There was a girl who was meeting her mother for the first time. Another woman whose husband just died was given a vacation and some money so she could provide a Christmas for her two small children. One single mom shared a devastating story about how she's supporting two boys, one with cancer. And the list went on.

It's times like this that I both love and hate the holidays. In a way, the spirit of giving and the holiday movies and the comfortable way that we have internalized the commercialization of Christmas focuses even more attention on the Great Loss, the Great Sadness. You want to fall in step with the heart of the season and give a little bit of joy to everyone you meet. You'd really like to buy presents and host parties and decorate a tree until the weight of shiny baubles begins to bend the limbs of the trees we hack down and position into our already cramped living rooms. But, it's been a hard year. Things aren't very bright and shiny this year.

If only the Tyra's and Ellen's and Oprah's of the media could shout out "You get a car! You get a job! You get a vacation!" If only we could erase the Great Hurts we're all feeling with a simple hourlong heartfelt gift giveaway. But, it's not all bad, because I am simultaneously reminded that there is so much love and so much beauty and so much family and so much amazingness and so much generosity and so much opulence; it's palpable. You could cut it with a knife, but there's so much that you'd just end up with two infinite pools of boundless love.

It is to these logs that I hold on to when the storms of the Great Pain turn into rivers, and I need to grip something to keep from succumbing to the currents. So, bring on the funny elves with their jingle bells and red and green. Bring on the jolly fat man who breaks into our house once a year and is always pardoned. Bring it all, and bring their friends, because I may not have a big box of money for everyone, but I can offer a mean cup of cocoa and an evening of Christmas carols.

And Scrabble. Maybe even Monopoly. But definitely Scrabble.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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