Ye Olde Bible Fixin' Project

Hey, remember when I reported about the Conservative Bible Project? I know a lot of people were like, "Yeah...let's see how long this lasts."

Well, out of curiosity - which killed a few cats - I tiptoed, carefully, over to the Conservapedia website to see how the Conservative Bible Project is going. I had to be quiet, because I was afraid the fundies would smell the homo on me.

They proudly report that they have de-liberalized and un-politically corrected 30% of the New Testament, with complete 'conservative' translations of Matthew, Mark, Philemon, Jude, and Revelation - which changes the idea that we are submissive to Jesus to a connotation meaning we are underneath his feet and worthless. Ain't that a cheery God?

Granted, this is from the same website that says public schools are "liberal and atheistic government institutions that employ 3 million people and spend $411.5 billion annually at a cost of $10,770 per student. Spoken prayer, the Ten Commandments, and sharing of faith are expressly forbidden in public schools' classrooms during school hours, and teaching of morality is implicitly disfavored. Homosexual indoctrination is common as early as elementary school in more liberal states." While I think the system of schooling could be improved, I throw suspicion upon the site's claims that it is responsible for all of the evils of American society.

Funny, though, is that even while bashing the public school systems, they're not going after the pagans as badly. Check out their articles on Wicca and witchcraft. Straightforward, blunt, if not a bit bemused, as though talking about a hypothetical concept rather than an actual practice. But, pretty easy to understand. So...where is the 'evil pagan' bent here? Oh...wait... They called male witches 'wizards.'


Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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