Approving Gay Marriage Worldwide!

On Episode 13 of Inciting A Riot: the Podcast I told you that I had just learned late last night from my partner that Mexico legalized gay marriage - making it the first Latin American country to do so. Scouring the news headlines, it strangely enough took me a while to find articles corroborating the story, but I have found them!

The Associated Foreign Press reported yesterday that Mexico's legislature legalized gay marriage on December 21st of 2009 and also gave the possibility of adoption to gay couples. Of course, Mexico also being a staunchly Catholic nation, it didn't take long for Christian/Catholic groups to come out in droves against this bill, calling it unconstitutional. Their complaint further stated that apparently this new level of marriage equality would violate the constitution and go against the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

These arguments go in tandem, of course, to their arguments that gay marriage is 'immoral' and goes against Christian values. (Unlike all those boy-shtupping Catholic priests........they were moral enough to shuffle off to a different parish instead of being prosecuted, apparently.) Cardinal Norberto Rivera had this to say:
We have seen with impotence, pain and consternation ... [this] blow to the most intimate structure of Mexican families, the institution over which our nation has built its rich history, values and spirituality.
Turning from the Christian viewpoint, the law will take effect in the next couple of weeks and will change the legal language of the marriage definition from 'a free union between a man and a woman' to 'a free union between two people.'

In the same, exact news: Portugal has also legalized same sex marriage! Apparently, the debate and vote only took 3 freaking hours, because the legislature collectively agreed that the mistreatment of gay men and women should be buried as an embarrassment in the past. Though, adoption is still up in the air for gay couples, the lack of major protests and a speedy vote have made way for Portugal to be added to the list of countries who fully support and allow gays to marry.

On the matter, Portugal's Prime Minister, Jose Socrates (a wise man, indeed), had this to say:
I am of a generation -- as we all are -- which is not proud of the way it treated homosexuals. This is a step that will seem completely natural in the near future, in the same way that gender equality, abortion rights and unmarried couples living together are normal now. Gay marriage has been approved by numerous countries and will be approved by many more. I have no doubt about that.
Portugal now joins the ranks of Belgium, Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands and Norway as a European country with full marriage equality. Likewise, Britain, France, and Germany allow civil unions nationwide. Oddly enough, in Portugal the Catholic church didn't even mobilize on the issue, stating that legislating was PARLIAMENT'S RESPONSIBILITY!!!! Wouldn't it be crazy if all Christian-conservative-right groups felt that the law should be left to the government? Imagine...

Maybe the US will take Europe's ever-increasing cue? Kudos to Portugal and Mexico!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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