Conservatives Excited About A Non-Vote

Governor-elect Chris Christie of New Jersey has stated unequivocally that he will not sign into law the marriage bill that is being bandied about in the NJ legislative system. This is important, because current Governor John Corzine has said that he will. So now the New Jersey Senate has approximately 3 weeks to get their act together and vote on equality.

Here's the hitch: State Assembly Speaker Joseph Roberts has stated he would call a vote on the matter only if the Senate approved the bill first. Sadly, this bill keeps getting bandied between the Senate Judiciary Committee - which passed it three weeks ago - the Assembly, the Senate, and a host of other subcommittees in between.

Conservatives and Religious Fringe groups are quite excited about this improbable race to the finish for equal rights. Conservapedia - the love-child of the infamous Schlafly family - reports that this news means supporters of what they call the homosexual agenda will now "have four years to read, understand, and explain God's rejection of homosexual societies like Sodom in Genesis 19." Maybe the Schlafly's should take a look at that Book again. They might also take a look at religious philosophy or history. Perhaps they'd see that Sodom and Gomorrah were cities supposedly destroyed for their inhospitality towards the Hebrew people.

Remember, most of the societies that were talked about negatively in the Bible were only spoken of so due to their being at odds with the ancient Hebrews. Thus, most of their qualities and traits were said to be against the Hebrew God's commandments.

But, don't let history get in the way of making slanderous, ridiculous statements that showcase your close-minded bigotry.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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