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Here you'll find a list of books I love, books I own, books I've recommended, and books you absolutely must know about. This isn't your typical pagan library, as Inciting A Riot isn't your typical pagan blog/podcast. It's actually rather New Age bookstore filler-lite, as in there's not much listed that you'll find in the New Age section of your bookstore. Rather, as I tell you all constantly, I believe your spiritual worldview should be formed from information and literature in all genres.

So browse around! You might find something you like! 

Note: I do own all of these books. I would never recommend something that I do not personally enjoy.

The Inciting A Riot Official Book Club
Ok, these books are most likely repeats of books you'll find later on down the list. BUT, these books are probably what you came here to find. Each of these has been an official Inciting A Riot Book Club selection. Each has been reviewed and/or discussed on the blog and podcast. Join the Literary Riot and get yours today!

Spiritual Oxygen
These aren't the typical pagan texts. In fact, many of these books will completely contradict what you'd find in the New Age section of your bookstore or witchy shop. Despite this, these books have helped to shape my own spiritual path. Some are fiction, some are not, but all are utterly essential to your library.

These are the fictional books that don't quite fit into another category. Each is phenomenal in its own right. Some are verging on fantasy or sci-fi, others delve into the inner workings of man, but none of them fully commit to any of those genres. 

These books are just good ol' fashioned good reading. They're non-fiction books that entertain, inspire, and showcase someone that definitely incited their own riot.

Every good library needs a dose of fantasy - both high and low. Whether it's sword and sorcery or intricately woven high fantasy, you'll find a little bit of everything here. And, yes, this will be the fastest growing section, as I can't live without a good dose of fictional magic for long.

Here are some of my favorite tales of myth, folklore, and legend. Some of these books should be bought for the art in them alone, while others are classics of literature, and still more are just plain good fun. Don't worry. This is one of those sections that will rapidly expand as I dig through old boxes. And, because you'll ask, I've included modern mythology as well in the form of comics.

These are textbooks, nonfiction books, and other resources that I've purchased that I frequently use for research. I have more that are packed away in boxes somewhere, but these are the ones that have made it to the bookshelf.


Though this list doesn't necessarily represent all of my favorite poets, it does represent my personal poetry collection. Books that - for whatever reason - spoke to me in a way that I just had to own them.


The New Age Section
This is the very small section of books I actually own that come from the New Age section of the bookstore. You'll notice they're all mostly spell books, as I tend to only use these for inspiration when creating my own rituals or spells. Nothing from these books is ever used as it appears in-text, rather, I tweak everything to make it personal and unique to the situation.


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