This came out of me today

So, I got the compulsion to write again, but this one's short. Given the readership here, I thought a few of you might get something out of it.

There's no title. Just a poem. Written today.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte

The little lies we tell
are the truths that keep us from
Stark Raving Mad's city limits.

The madder, the crazier, we become
the more we avoid becoming worse.

Because while we take midnight
trips away from Sanity,
eyes must close and blink open



  1. Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing this, I hope it will help others feel more grounded as it did me.

    Wishing you contented thoughts

    Ceejay (

  2. Very powerful poem Fire Lyte! I forgot to mention in my blog post today, that the Goddess Signs book does have chapters on the complementary God signs.
    Many Blessings,

  3. I remember my 8th-grade teacher once saying (and I don't remember if it was quoting someone else or not) something like, "If it weren't for all of us having assorted neuroses, we'd all go completely crazy."


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