Episode 17: Inciting A Loving Riot

The Special Valentine's Day episode of Inciting A Riot: the Podcast. I am joined by my Partner today to talk about love spells. We heard from you listeners and readers about the topic, and I provide a new way of looking at these taboo spells.

News: The National Tea Party Convention

Word of the Day: effulgence

Poetry: So I might be a little selfish, but...

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  1. Can't wait to listen. For some reason my iTunes is being funky right now and not wanting to update my podcast list but rest assured I shall be victorious and let you know what I think of you latest cast.

  2. Finally got to listen last night to this episode. I was thrilled to hear you mention my tweet. The downside to twitter is no elaboration. I actually agree with you about not being able to affect free will. I just don't think we can create something that isn't already there as far as love goes and have no problem with them at all. We certainly can't make ourselves fly (no matter how fun that would be). What I meant by naming a person no being such a hot idea was actually that well, to be honest, people have a bad habit of wanting the person or thing that is worst for them. Better to put out that you want to find the one who is right for you then say I want so-&-so only to find out down the road that this is the totally wrong person. Better to put out the fact that you are open to love and the qualities that you truly want (like you did) than find out that prince charming was a toad all along so to speak. That said, if it turns out that you get the one you were hoping for, SWEET!

    As usual, wonderful podcast. Can't wait for the next.


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