Gay Kissin' in Public

At St. Michel's church in France 30 gay and lesbian couples met and did a little kissing in protest of homophobia. The group then moved to the Notre Dame cathedral and met up with dozens more couples. When the group got to Notre Dame, they were met with 200 Catholic protesters who began attacking the group. However, the police - in a strange turn of events - actually defended the protesters and intervened to stop the attackers.

A man named Killian was at the event at Notre Dame, and he had this to say (translated from French...not by Google.):

With 5 or 6-ami-es, we were told we would go to Notre Dame. We just knew that if we went there we had to stay hyper grouped. We went to the kiss-in at Saint-Michel, then with other people we found there, we went to Notre Dame. It was very fast. We regrouped at the center of the square. There were about 70 or 80 FAFS. The cops have immediately spotted and started between us and the FAFS. I wanted to wait for the cameras to be safer, but we did not have time. I took my whistle. The whole thing lasted two seconds. The FAFS have dark on us. I was hit in the back and I fell on the person I kissed. Emiliej has got a motorcycle helmet and someone else a shot in the nose. The cops immediately intervened and stopped the attackers. It was very impressive. There were Nazi salutes. A woman yelled "Barrez you! We're home! ". We wondered if we were to do a handrail. But to spend two hours at the police, with papers which are not our good names we do not try. We might be due, I do not know.

The event seemed to be a success and has garnered much positive press and attention from the world's media. This peaceful protest, defended by the POLICE, is hopefully just a sign that we are on the positive curve against homophobia and going towards equality.

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