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Happy Sunday, Rioters! In lieu of more politics, personal babbling, religious pontification, or griping about life, I thought today would be a good chance to showcase some wonderful media. Cartoons, music, podcasts, and more that I love and that I think you should love, too.

Oh My Gods comics by Shivian Bolaris Sadly, Shivian has not put out a new comic in nearly a year, but there are 7 years of back comics for you to go through, and they're unbelievably hilarious. It's a daily comic strip for the polytheistic masses, and is a constant source of LOLs - whether you've read the entire collection or are just coming to it.

Order of the Stick If you're a fan of science fiction, fantasy, RPGs, or Dungeons & Dragons specifically, then you are required to read Order of the Stick. It's a hilarious fantasy comic set in a world where the rules of D&D apply and follows a team of typical D&D characters through pretty hysterical, entertaining adventures. When you go to the site, just click 'start' under Order of the Stick to begin at the beginning.

Wait...Wait... Don't tell me! This podcast put out by Chicago Public Radio takes the week's news and turns it into a lightning fast, knee-slapping, side-splittingly funny hour-long radio show. I listen each week, and I absolutely love it.

Hot for Words Some of you have said that you enjoy the Word of the Day segment on Inciting A Riot: the Podcast. Well, in addition of Merriam-Webster's dictionary, one of my many philology/etymology resources is Hot for Words with Marina Orlova. The beautiful blonde Russian has 2 different degrees in philology - study of word origins - and teaches daily about different words and phrases in the English language and where they come from. It's funny, smart, and straight men (or lesbians...or anyone that likes women...) would probably enjoy the view.

The Moth Podcast This weekly podcast showcases stories from all over the country. Sometimes they're sad, sometimes funny, sometimes timely, sometimes a little of everything, and sometimes you just can't categorize them. But, it's a wonderful way to start your week.

And, lastly, for your listening pleasure, a few songs from my witchy collection. Or, songs that I listen to when I am feeling very spiritual and connected to the Divine.

Pink - Crystal Ball This song is off of Pink's latest album, Funhouse. Like many songs on her latest album, it has a very spiritual, sensual, intimate vibe. This one in particular, though, teaches directly of not listening to what 'fate' tells you must happen, but deciding your path for yourself. I'm in love with this song.

Stevie Nicks - Crystal This witchy stand-by is a must in any modern witch's iPod. It came off another witchy stand-by Practical Magic.

Practical Magic This movie is probably the greatest example of what magic really is and what it really isn't. Some of the best magical advice I've ever gotten is from this movie. (Don't dabble. The best magic is that which is the most simple and natural to you. Etc.) It's a beautiful love story of family, partnership, and of how to be a practical witch. Get this movie!

So, Happy Sunday to you all. I hope you enjoyed this little trip through my media. A lot of times I see pagans that get so wrapped up in pagan-only podcasts, pagan-only music, and pagan-only media in general that we don't give other genres a chance. Email me your favorite media: IncitingARiotPodcast@gmail.com

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. I LOVE Practical Magic!!! Favorite movie. I made a mistake watching it with my Christain grandparents who kept making sneer comments when we were watching it. Grr...I am very respectful of their religion, I am only speeking the truth of what they siad about the movie. Anyway I learned my lession of not dabbling into the forbidden, not bringing people back to life or doing anything stupid.
    BTW>> Go Sandra Bullock!!!! Fave actress!!!


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