Midnight, I Come

(I don't know what the hell the picture has to do with working a midnight shift, but I Googled 'midnight shift' in Google Image search, and this was one of the first finds. Given my mindset today, it fit.)
I found out yesterday that after my training I will be posted to the midnight shift for the time being... 'The time being' meaning until someone with higher seniority decides they want an easy paycheck or a new person comes along that I can bump out of their day shift.

I know that I'm not going to be a happy camper. Without even having to think, I can already tell you for certain that I'm going to miss the sunlight, as I will be sleeping until mid-afternoon. I'm a fiery, solar person, and the less light I have, the less cheery I think I'll become. Of course, given the vast amounts of boredom and solitude on night shift, I am positive that I'll get a lot of book reading, crossword puzzling, and poetry writing done.

le Sigh...

A small complaint: I did not get a degree and spend nearly two years of my life gaining experience in the field to sit on my butt and do crossword puzzles. Easy paycheck? Yes. Enough mental stimulation to keep broccoli alive? Hellz no! But, I'm the new guy, and that's the shift that was available and of the most need. It will just be until a new person is hired, because I'll be able to force them. 

Yeah seniority.

I'm going to get caught up in the news today, so I will hopefully have another little newsworthy post today or tomorrow. I'm REALLY enjoying Velma Nightshade's WitchesBrewHaha. She is quite funny and a WIZ at finding magical applications for household items. I highly recommend episode 5. I'm telling you this woman should write a book. No lie. I would never have thought of the ways to turn a lightbulb into a magical object, a pencil into a healing wand, or a nut and bolt into...well, I'll let you find that one out on your own. (I'll give you a hint... Plumbing is involved.) Velma, GET ME A PROMO!!!

And, if your name is Liz and you like cats, you'll love her show.

Now to eat breakfast and begin some sort of day.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte

PS. Needless to say, I could use a bit of support going forward. I don't want to dislike the job, but I'm quite dreading the night... Maybe She has some lessons for me that I have been avoiding being such a daytime person? Mayhaps...?


  1. I'm sorry about the night shift...not sure what your duties are but full moons are a real hoot! Love the picture!


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