Na'vi 'kin (I'm right again!)

Remember when I said that I was starting the countdown until people started claiming to be Na'vi otherkin? (the race from the James Cameron movie Avatar) Well, I win!

There are now whole discussion groups devoted to the belief that they are either Na'vi reincarnated, or their souls are Na'vi, or they're just Na'vi on a totally different plane of existence.

People! The movie is about a month old! What is your damage? I mean... Ok... I get that I'm supposed to be Mr. Voice of Reason because I have a podcast and blog and I should watch my words so as not to offend absolutely everyone, but I'm saying it. Right here. Right now.


I can sort of get Otherkin. I can. Do I buy into it wholeheartedly. Honestly, no. Sorry Otherkin fans, but until I sit down and have a few in-depth, intellectual conversations with an Otherkin... Well, there's just too many scenarios in which it's all just crap. However, I can get it on an intellectual level. I believe in reincarnation. If you attach a hierarchical scale onto the idea of reincarnation - like, if you were a really, really good snail, maybe you get to be a lap dog in your next life - then I can see how Otherkin exist. You might have been a wolf in a past life, and part of you still wants to run with the pack...or...something.

But to outright claim to be something that hundreds of millions of people know for a FACT is a totally fictional creation from the mind of James Cameron is so beyond laughable as to be sad. I feel pity for people that need attention - or whatever psychological need they're trying to fill - so badly that they're attempting to glob on to the media frenzy surrounding the top-grossing movie of all time in such a way.

OMG! In going through the various Na'vi sites, I found this gem. Apparently, I was also right about people practicing the Na'vi 'religion.' VOMIT! Now, you can't really Google Na'vi religion and come up with a website yet, but given the speed with which people have already changed their entire spiritual, psychological, and sociological makeup, I give it about another week.

Ok... Ok... Off my soapbox now and off to bed. My Imbolc ritual was simple, but I felt it was rather beautiful.

How was yours? Email:

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. head, desk, repeat. That is the only response I can come up with.

  2. Hey Fire Lyte,
    Too funny-I love when you call bullshit! I appreciate your honest approach as always! I hope you are doing good! Glad to hear your Imbolc ritual was beautiful! Mine was really nice. I met with a new coven and we had a nice ritual in the park-it was pretty gorgeous if I do say so myself.
    I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week Fire Lyte!

  3. Okay, I like this blog, as a nature loving Right-wing Heterosexual God-worshiping < would like to write good poetry, Gnostic, I find the podcasts and articles very interesting and if I do not agree, they always provoke thought, but this, this,

    this ..i am speechless, I yeah what elfwench said.
    Good on you for calling BS

  4. sorry for parroting your tag line, I wanted people to know that this blog is read and recommended by people that they might not think do so

  5. The parrot is fine MasonPiper. Can I join the *headdesk* movement? I just CANNOT fathom how this is even defensible.

    Really... If anybody out there is claiming they're a Na'vi Otherkin, PLEASE get in touch with me. I'd simply be overjoyed to interview you!


  6. Greetings,

    I am Tirea Na'vi, the first Na'vi Otherkin. I am posting here in response to your request of getting in touch with you - what would this interview entail? I am happy to be interviewed. You may contact me at



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