Shout Out: Velma Nightshade with WitchesBrewHaha

I just had a wonderful email exchange with a woman named Velma Nightshade. (pseudonym, I'm sure.) She said she was a new listener of the show, and, after talking a bit about it, she took me to task on clarifying some points I made in episode 7 and the article An Honest to God(dess) Filter.

I agreed with a lot of her points, but moreso I loved her voice. She let me know she had a podcast, and I'm powering through listening to all 7 episodes. I am officially her fan. She has a wonderful show, a wonderful voice, and is both intelligent and witty. Her radio show hosting past is quite obvious by the ease with which she speaks, laughs, and invites you in to the conversation - despite the obvious one-sidedness of the conversation.

As with any good podcast, I don't always agree with her, but she makes me consider why I disagree with her, and whether I should do some more exploration into said topic.

Everybody, please check out Velma Nightshade's podcast WitchesBrewHaha. It is all one word, so when you search for it type the whole thing as one word. (A task that took me a few tries to realize.) She is hosted at podbean; you can find her on iTunes, and I believe she said she's getting up on Podcast Alley. Her links are below. Tell her Fire Lyte sent you.





Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. Awww, my first podkin love! Thanks so much to Firelyte for posting these kind words, and thanks to anyone who takes his advice and checks out my show! You are all more than welcome! (and no, Velma Nightshade isn't my real name, but I think it would totally rock if it was.)

  2. Thanks for posting this, Firelyte!

  3. Velmanightshade= The most exiting Wiccan and Pagan personality in podcasting!
    Witchesbrewhaha=The place to go for the knowledge you'll never find in college!
    Blessed Be,
    Will J.


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