Shout Out: YOU!


You wonderful listeners and blog readers have put this show on the front page of the iTunes Religion & Spirituality: Other category in the Featured Podcasts section. I cannot thank you enough! This show has only been around 3 months, and they're already considering it a featured podcast.

Apple's description for what a featured podcast should be:
At iTunes, we're constantly on the lookout for podcasts that are breaking new ground with this medium, have new or unusual content, or just capture our interest. When we find them, we like to feature them on the Podcasts home page.
I feel so blessed and honored that this show is now among the great podcasts of paganism such as The Wigglian Way, SpiritsCast, deo's Shadow, PPOTE, Ariel's Druidic Craft of the Wise, and many more that break new ground, challenge thinking, and are considered good enough to be exemplary of the category. This is due to you, the listener and reader, who subscribed, reviewed, rated, and promoted the show on your own blogs, Twitter feeds, and podcasts. Thank you so much from the heart of my bottom.

Remember to keep the show higher in the ratings so that new Rioters can make their way here by voting for the show on Podcast Alley (where we're at number 6 for the month, but I have a healthy expectation of decline later on) and by subscribing, rating, and reviewing the show on iTunes.

Thank you all again, and thank you for making Inciting A Riot a must-listen-to show for the pagan community.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. I just recently found your podcast. I had heard about your blog from the wonderful folks at PPOTE, but, bad me, never got around to checking it out.
    I am really enjoying your podcast. Keep up the good work!


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