Arresting the Hutaree

Perfect example of a group doing something in the name of religion without actually employing the tenets of that religion. Court documents allege that a Michigan-based group called the Hutaree, formed around 2008, have been planning to kill an anonymous law enforcement officer and then ambush that officer's colleagues at the funeral. In June of last year, the leader and his son began teaching other members of their group how to build and use homemade explosives such as pipe bombs in preparation for this act of terrorism.

Now, you might assume I'm talking about some sort of middle eastern terrorist cell, given the strange name. You'd be wrong. You can actually go to the Hutaree's website and find that they're average-looking caucasian Americans. This group's site claims that their goal is "preparing for the end time battles to keep the testimony of Jesus Christ alive

At first glance this looks like a bunch of middle-aged guys in camo in the woods playing paintball, but then you notice those guns are real. And that they claim the word 'hutaree' means 'Christian warrior.' They have a briefing page keeping track of the oil market, gold market, world weather, and something called Rapture Ready.

Authorities claim this group is highly dangerous, as it is comprised of severely fanatical conspiracy theorists who firmly believe the government is taking over their lives - and, of course, working for Satan. This group does not delineate who is and is not a member of Satan's little orgy of destruction. If you're in any way presently connected with the government, you're evil and need to be let loose from this mortal coil.

I cannot help but think that we've heard this story time and time again. Pick a domestic terrorist. Any of them. In all likelihood they believed either all or part of the following:

  1. The government is out to get them.
  2. As good Christians we need to stand up for what's 'right.'
  3. They are not being heard by those in power.
  4. They feel they need to be prepared for some impending disaster.
  5. These messages have been beaten in to their heads through ultra-conservative media.
It is this last one I consider the most dangerous and all-encompassing. It goes back to what I was saying last summer - during the time when people were bringing guns to Obama appearances - that the media needs to have some sort of responsibility about the dangerous rhetoric they spout as truth. If one overly opinionated pseudo newscaster waxes ludicrously about being prepared for an impending governmental takeover, or about how some citizen or member of the administration is evil (i.e. Tiller the Baby Killer), or some other such nonsense, and some idiot guy or group takes that too literally, that blood is partially on the hands of that television personality.

It is.

The Glenn Becks, Rush Limbaughs, and Bill O'Reillys of TV need to have some sort of fine or censure as it concerns such messages of hate. These wildly inciteful remarks do nothing but create a culture of governmental mistrust and anger towards those who aren't WASPs (white anglo-saxon protestant). 

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. I am from Indiana and i don't often comment .. I am more of a lurker..LOL. But i want to share a tid bit with you . These are some of the same people "Rummered" to who have been terrorizing many pagan individuals in North/ North Central Indiana and upper Michigan. It was a Local Christian Minister who fist let the pagan community in on some facts about these folks. 1.The emblem the media shows as thier insignia is one that has been spread about the pagan community where i live, as people to be avoided at all cost by pagans and non pagans alike. Apparently these people are reported as willing to go so far as to seek us out and do what EVER it takes to destroy their lives by any means necessary. I have known many good Christians , and these folks should be ashamed to call them self's such! if there is any under "satan's controll" it's them. ( guess i should leave my personal opinion to my self hu?) I am glad those 9 where arrested, but there are more of that group out there still willing to cause havoc, mayhem and death in the name of the God they worship .
    thanks for letting me comment ! brightest and safe blessings one and all ! Ma Fey


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