Cornerstore Jesus

Cornerstore Jesus

Solid colors – bright solid colors.
Yellow façade, yellow lamppost
Loud blue and green so tremulous
you’d think it would fall and walk away.

This is the cornerstore Little Mexico central hub
that has a line down the block for
fresh carnitas and sweet bread.
This corner window next to the light
and DON’T WALK sign
invites you to stop in for some
Red Bull and lottery tickets.

Buy your chance to win this truck!
Signs in Spanish with poorly translated
subtitles for the benefit of whatever
white guy that happens to wander in
for directions or a bathroom.

Hints of age and lack of care grow crimson –
rust eating paint and matching lightpost.
These edges moving to prominence
seem to highlight the clustered mess
that is a home.

Presiding over the 3”x3” advertisements
and the proof that people won the lottery there
and the visible heaps of unopened product

is a 3-foot-tall Crucified Jesus
with crown of thorns and scared shitless
expression, begging Heavenward.
Not hanging, but leaning on a wall,
making the nailed plastic Messiah postured
precariously between the truck raffle and
the long drop to the unseen floor.

Jesus cannot see out to bless or judge
but must face a fluorescent divinity
until the décor changes
or the ruin claims rule

or the bulb burns out.


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