The Cop In Front Of You

Have you ever noticed that, when you're driving along and see a cop, you automatically hit the brakes? We do this - don't deny it; you do it, too - because we think that that extra little brake push will slow us down enough to get exempt from some un-given speeding ticket. Here's a hint: cops probably won't notice you in the crowd if you don't push your brakes. Why? Because, when you push your brakes your BRAKE LIGHTS come on!

Americans do all sorts of silly, stupid car rituals in order to get out of tickets they're probably not going to get anyways, especially in the presence of cops. We speed until we get to the bottom of a hill and then slow down close to the top, because we think the cop is going to be on the other side. We flash our lights at one another in warning of a cop somewhere in some area of the surrounding acreage. We wrap the seat belt - THAT WE SHOULD BE WEARING, BTW - around our left shoulder to make it appear we're wearing said seatbelt. (My grandfather is guilty of that one.)

But the funniest one that I've ever noticed is that nobody, and I mean nobody, passes a cop. Have you ever noticed that, with a speed limit of (let's just give it a nice round number) 60, cops will deliberately go 5-10 miles under the speed limit? You're driving along, actually driving the limit, and you see a cop going slower than you... What do you do? Well, by golly, you slow down, too! You slow down so much that it now seems to be a game of who can slow down the fastest, because you and everyone around you is slowing down - AND SO IS THE COP!

Cops are people, too. They know the tricks that people think they can do to get out of a ticket. So, in situations like this, they have fun with people. They slow down to see if anybody will pass them, which doesn't happen. But, why don't we pass the cop? If the speed limit is 60, and you're going 50, that's a ludicrous 10 miles lower than the limit, and you've got places to be!

One time, when I was about 17 or 18, I just decided I'd had enough of the slow-moving traffic in the presence of a black and white. I broke the mold and broke rank with the line of cars creeping a safe 200 feet behind the cop car that house 2 cops having a grand old time watching people drive slower and slower and slower. So I popped to the passing lane, came up to the legal speed, and drove right past the cop car.


They both looked at me a little bewildered, then smiled and gave me the thumbs up. I wasn't breaking any law by passing a cop. His lights weren't on. There was no emergency. I was going the speed limit. And I had to be at my job selling people highly overpriced electronics they don't need. (Guess that job!)

Cops are NOT out to get you. Stop being paranoid. Because, if you need to get a ticket for something, believe me; they'll give it to you. Your quick braking - or emergency braking - isn't going to slow you down to stop him from catching your road devil antics. Your seat belt hugging isn't fooling him. Moving the phone from your left ear to your right doesn't stop him from seeing you on the phone you might not be allowed to have, depending on your state. Flashing your lights doesn't make other people invisible to a cop. They're people, too, and they already know all the tricks.

Just follow the laws, and you won't have any problems. And, you can make other drivers REALLY freaked out by passing them AND the cop.

Legally, of course.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. Ha! Were you watching me driving around the other day?! People are so funny!

  2. Haha I have seen so many people do this. =)
    Ok I am also guilty of it once. That was because ok I confess I was going 3 miles per hour over the limit. :/ oh well. It is pretty funny how people are so scared of the police. =)
    It makes me laugh so hard everytime I see people breaking when they are behind or infront of the police.
    Loved this entry =) Made me smile =)

  3. Tagged you on my blog tomorrow...

  4. I provided lots of entertainment for state troopers when I lived in Florida. One memorable moment was an afternoon on I-95 where I was cruising along at somewhere between 85 and 90 mph. I was concentrating so hard on avoiding running into the cars in front of me I didn't notice the trooper pull up to my left and match my speed. I needed to change lanes and that's when I saw him looking straight at me. Apparently, the sequence of the shock on my face, visibly mouthing the words, "oh sh*t", and letting off the gas was enough for him. He was laughing so hard he had tears in his eyes and waved goodbye.


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