Episode 12: The BrewHaha Got Incited

Episode 12 of WitchesBrewHaha got completely Riotous as yours truly hopped on my magic pitchfork and flew on down to Velma's studios to join in a conversation about curses.

Oh yes, curses. We took on that hot button issue, and I very much believe you'll be intrigued by what we had to say.

It's just part 1 of a 2 part conversation Velma and I had - part 2 will be released as Episode 23 of Inciting A Riot on April 1st, which will discuss the ethics of cursing.

Make sure to subscribe to Velma's supremely awesome show through iTunes! And look out for the next Riot that's getting inciting April 1st!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. I just finished listening to your podcast with Velma. Thanks to the two of you for coming up with this idea. It gave me a lot of information I haven't been able to find any where else. Being a solitary in a non-Pagan area I rely on books and internet for my education and as you said, curses are basically taboo to most people and it's hard to find anyone who can give you reliable information on the subject.
    Blessings and Love
    I'm looking forward to your next episode.


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