Episode 20: Inciting A Named Riot

Episode 20 of Inciting A Riot: the Podcast. This episode celebrates what we call each other, what people call us, and what our mama yells when she wants someone to take out the trash.

News: South Dakota's illiterate legislature, Chile's earthquake, and a racist, bigoted, backwoods Republican politician from Arizona. NO... I don't mean John McCain.

Word of the Day: Panglossian

Sociology topic: Part 4 of 5 on our discussion of tolerance and sex education in the classroom. This week's segment will focus on the implementation of a real, effective possible policy.

Gripe Department: A Pagan Podcast (hint hint) that has really, really got me incensed. This is a lesson in not believing everything you hear, folks!

Spirituality: Pagan names and titles. You can guess what I have to say about it.

Music: Summerfly by Bug from his album Songs from a Green Guitar

Poem: The one rotten egg

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  1. "Gripe Department: A Pagan Podcast (hint hint) that has really, really got me incensed. This is a lesson in not believing everything you hear, folks!"

    I agree. But I would also like to add that this is a great lesson in practicing an ancient art that seems to have been lost in our society, especially amongst many Liberal Progressives. Namely "Discernment". It has become lumped in with "Discrimination" but the two while not completely dissimilar are at the same time materially different. Discrimination is blind, it's not liking someone because of an external. Black, gay, Republican, old, short, blonde what have you.

    Discernment however is about taking the substance of a person, or thing and judging whether or not they are positive or negative.

    Ideally Pagans should seek to hone their intuition at every turn, seeking it's guidance in situations both Magickal and mundane. Sadly so many seem to second guess their intuition to a ridiculous degree.

    After a long time with some hard lessons I usually heed mine whenever it "speaks". When I don't I am almost always sorry.

    In this case I got no further than that certain Pagan Podcaster's defense of the Tea Party and his proclaimation that the danger many of their members represent was totally false, and I stopped, hit unsubscribe and delete.

    I write about Politics at http://the-one-about.blogspot.com and I'm thinking of starting a second blog about politics from a more specifically Pagan perspective and when the podcaster started his carrying on one thought rose clear as a crystal ball in my head, "I have to wade through nut jobs spouting crap like this in my "work" I sure as hell have no interest in listening to it in my relaxation.

    However I have to give you a great big thank you, for having the stomach to wade all the way through his garbage, and the discernment to see him for what he is and call him on his bullshit.

    Also thank you for confirming that my instinctual reaction was indeed the right one.

    Oh and on another note, you can thank Velma for this follower, who can thank the Wigglian Way, who can thank Eat My Pagan Ass. *L* It's been a delight to find so many wonderful Pagan Podcasters who are doing more than blathering endlessly.

    Anyway, thanks for talking and listening. Take care.

    Toriach (Roy F. Tottie)

  2. Ok Your gripe department: I really really am annoyed at that person right now. YES I am a Democrat, I am going SOMEWHERE with my life: HELLO I am going to try and be an officer...Just becuase some people are of the Democratic party, does not mean that they do not "Have a life" or trying to make one of themselves. Global Warming is NOT a myth, this is my evidence to back it up: The weather is getting warmer and warmer, slowly but there is a difference in the weather. The planet is heating up, this is from my own beliefs: Because we are using it up way too much, we are also over populating it with our bodies.
    With the Ideologies: I have been reasearching with my own life, I read alot of books, I watch the news, on different stations and I have my own opinions on my own life, and I do not go off what ever anyone else says to me, I look for the truth, and trust my serious gut about the truth.

  3. Fire Lyte I don't wan't to offend, obviously you have more experience in this than I. My biggest issue is why do we have hate crimes when in reality all crimes are commited with hate? I am talking of course more idealogically than practically but it just seems to me differentiating crimes like this just strengthens the stereotypes we are trying to leave behind? Maybe however this type of thinking only works on paper. What are your thoughts on it?

  4. Carlos,

    I'm not our host but I have a thought that might make sense to you. I've asked myself that question in the past and this is the most reasonable answer I've come up with.

    Whether we like it or not there are deep veins of racism, sexism, genderism, etc in our society. As a result it is often harder for those considered in the "minority" to receive a truly fair trial from those in the "majority". Because the simple truth is that we all have prejudices and no matter how aware you are, you are not totally aware. No matter how much you've changed you are not totally changed. And some are almost totally unaware, and unchanged.

    So by raising the awareness level hate crime laws help to get across the seriousness of crimes against people of color, homosexuals etc. Ar crimes against those people somehow "worse" because of their minority status? Of course not. But when we live in a society that dismisses the wrong done against such people often with, well it was only a black guy, or it was only a gay woman, every possible bit of ammunition to make certain that everyone's situation is treated as equally as possible under the law is needed.

    Personally I live in hope that there will come a day that hate crime laws are not needed because the outrage from every decent person over the murder of a human being is the same whether that person is a cute little blonde girl, or a young gay man. But until it does, we'll just have to accept some compromises, and hate crime laws are I feel on of the better ones.

  5. Carlos I am not the host either but i will respond to this:
    I will give you an example of a hate crime that happened this week at my school and hopefully this will help you.
    Some kids drew 666 F (I am not gonna say the whole word). Then our school's name and they drew a swatsticka in the ground. It was a hate crime because it was offending a lot of people, our school and had a very VERY offensive sign in the ground. They were probably charged with a hate crime.
    I just wish that people would understand what a hate crime really is....If I have to explain this further let me know but I believe that Roy explained it enough in detail.
    Many Blessings


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