Monday, March 22, 2010

Episode 22: Inciting A Whispered Riot

Episode 22 of Inciting A Riot: the Podcast. The main topic today is in our Sociology segment and will talk about what closets we can come out of and where we can come out of them. Specifically, today's show has to do with coming out of your respective closet at the workplace and whether it's a good idea.  

News: HEALTHCARE REFORM PASSED BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS ON MARCH 21, 2010! Oh Frabjous Day! Caloo, Calay! (Brownie points if you can tell me where that came from.)  

Word of the Day: obfuscate  

Spirituality: Ostara's history and a couple of tips on how to celebrate it. Eggs that I painted for Ostara are on  

Poetry: Economic Downturn  

Project Pagan Enough is taking off in a BIG way! A link for the permanent page and logo is below if you haven't put the logo on your site yet and want to. 

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  1. I believe it's from a poem by Lewis Carroll entitled "Jaberwocky." Though in the poem it's spelled "Callooh! Callay!"

    Do I win? :D

  2. Oh! And I think they say in the new Alice in Wonderland movie, or at least something similar to it. Though I'm not positive as I have only seen it once and my memory is not very good.