Episode 23: Inciting A BrewHaha

Episode 23 of Inciting A Riot: the Podcast is actually part 2 of a conversation on curses started on Episode 12 of Velma Nightshade's esteemed podcast, WitchesBrewHaha. So, please, if you haven't checked out that show yet, do so. However, that doesn't mean you'll be lost! Velma and I delve deeply into the ethics of curses, the 3-fold-law, harm none, and spells that include caveats at the end.

And just because we're Inciting A Combined Riot doesn't mean we forgot about your favorite segments!

News: Derrick Martin is going to prom and looking for a place to live while Sex.com is up for sale!

Word of the Day: esemplastic

Gripe Department: The US census doesn't really look at much.

Poetry: Immigrant Worker

I apologize for any audio issues. The episode may be a bit quiet. Bear with me, as this is my first time trying to record through an internet connection.

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  1. Well, Brav-frakin-O I loved the two parter and will post something on Velma’s site as well. Especially the whole discussion on the three-fold law. My sense has always been a big ole “plllleeeeeasssseeee” on THE LAW. Now, hear me out fluff bunnies. I am NOT saying that we should all go around trying to cause harm to others, but the reality is, and Velma put it very nicely, that NOTHING in nature, which we supposedly believe in to the point of worship, follows the principle of a three-fold rule.

    Now does nature attempt to balance itself? Sure, to the extent to which it can and even that may be a longer process than just – poof – oh, now everything has been put back the way it should be and all is harmonious and well. And in seeking that balance it might not turn out to be anything that we as individuals would consider balanced. Should a fawn be born for each deer brought down by a pack of wolves? In “perfect” balance yes, but we are not na├»ve enough to think that is how it works. Life, nature, a person’s soul for that matter, are all much more complicated than that!

    I end my Rede like this – if it harm none, do what you will; if harm you must, be true and just.

    This is my choice, they are my words and I believe in them. Basically, it is up to each of us to decide what is true and just for us. One person might be a complete believer in non-confrontational magic or lifestyle, for lack of a better description. Another may be more vocal or action oriented. Both are fine but both must make that choice and live by it. No one else has the right to dictate these things to anyone.

    When did we, as Pagans of whatever kind, become so dam* politically correct anyway? At one point I got really tired of all the glossy, fluffy “party line” stuff that was being shoved out there and stopped discussing the truth of the darker shades of ourselves with anyone. It is nice to see that some people are now willing to visit ALL parts of ourselves and our belief systems.

  2. The whole "Buddhists being non-violent" is a stereotype westerners like to believe. They joined Hirohito's army during WW2. Also, there's a forbes article that I'll link below.

    Don't forget, that Buddhists practice kung fu (one of my sifu's was Chinese Buddhist) and is skillful to the point of deadliness. Muslims have been victims of Buddhist violence in Burma in the 80s, and the violence of Sri-Lanka in the 70s.

    More recently: http://www.forbes.com/2009/04/14/bangkok-violent-buddhists-opinions-contributors-thailand-cambodia-burma.html

    Anyway, I love the show and the blog
    Hugs and coffee mugs,


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