Interview with a Schmuck

Goodness gracious! I had an interview today with a totally skeezy douche.

Well, I digress. Let me be blunt: I interviewed for a pyramid scheme today.

Didn't mean to. Didn't know it was anything other than the 'marketing firm' it claimed to be.... Until I got there and realized there was no furniture to be found in this 'office building,' and the guy interviewing me wanted to know why the hell I had even shown up. Because my background doesn't really = marketing.

I'm thinking...You called me. That's why I'm here.

He put me down. He put my degree down. Then he wanted to let me know that I was going to be part of a special, select interview to be held at Sam's Club later this week. Then he detailed the inner workings of the company, telling me I would graduate from some program (that I'd apparently signed up for just by walking in the door) in 6 months and start my own business where I trained other people for 6 months and then they would train people and so on...

That, dear Rioters, is the definition of a pyramid scheme.

And though I was called back and told I'd been selected for the special Sam's Club interview later this week, I highly doubt I'll be attending.

Even though it would make me super special.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. Yeah, it would make you special alright. Just not in a way you'd want to be "special."

    I wonder if him putting you down was some sort of psychological trick to make you want to try to "prove yourself worthy" of joining this crazy scheme. After all, I could see a lot of people falling for such a trick.

  2. I had an interview like that once. A couple of very snippy -how shall I say?- "mainstream" women spent a large chunk of the interview for an entry level clerical job trying to get me to admit to regretting getting an art degree (which I don't regret). All this after making me wait an hour past the appointment time. And this was well before the recession!

  3. wow what an idiot...I am just at a loss of words for this other than...what the hell???
    He called you for an interview, you showed up, he has a problem with it...


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