Jaguar Inductee: Ricky Martin

Bless this gorgeous latino hunk of sex. Ricky Martin came out today in a big way, stating unequivocally on his website that he is a proud, 'fortunate homosexual man.' Though it isn't a requirement of the Jaguar Watch club that the inductee be gay, Martin's revelation didn't necessarily hurt his induction.

The 'She Bangs' singer is a latin-crossover sensation with number one albums, bilingual sex appeal, and a killer Speedo body.

Really, though, it's great that he's come out. He, I think, is the first major pop star with an insane amount of fame and sex appeal to come out in America. In addition to his gayness, Ricky has been a political activist for Puerto Rico and various South American countries as concerns their relations with the United States.

But, none of that really matters, let's look at some pictures.

Who was he kidding? That closet door of his must have been made of glass or something, because I don't know of too many straight guys that hang around with their muscle buddies in Speedos doing stretches on the beach and basking in the sun...on the same blanket.

Enjoy Rioters!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. WHOA weird coincidence that you thought my Twitter picture was of Martin and now he's out and about.

  2. I never knew this about Ricky Martin. I used to be a big fan of his music when I was a little girl..I never thought that he would be homosexual...that is awesome!!!


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