Not Really Justice For All...?

This kid really is quite moving.

And, he's right.

We might have really small voices.

But we can do big things with them.

Wake up!
          Get up!
              STAND UP!

Use whatever talents, abilities, or voice you have to do your part for equality!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. This is now my favorite child of all time. He is excellent and I wish all people were this intelligent and could speak their minds so clearly and efficiently.

  2. What an amazing little boy with a big voice that should be heard.

  3. if that doesn't get you off your butt and make you do something, I am not sure what will. He speaks more wisdom them many adults I have heard. Way to go...

  4. he is right. I dont even stand up for the pledge. All of us still dont have equal rights..


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