Psychic Surprised by Investigation

Have you heard of Sean David Morton? Yeah, I hadn't either...until yesterday. (And, as of March 20, 2010, neither had Wikipedia...)

Sean David Morton claims he's a psychic intuitive that can predict things like natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and, as all psychics can, the ebbs and flows of the stock market. His company, Delphi Associates, has been responsible for investing millions of dollars into the stock market based around Morton's claims that he has " called ALL the highs and lows of the market, giving EXACT DATES for rises and crashes over the last 14 years."

On his Web site, Morton says he "uses his talents and abilities to predict future occurrences and trends such as earth changes, political events and stock market fluctuations." He also claims there to have given exact dates for such events as the San Francisco earthquake in 1989 and to have foreseen former President Bill Clinton's impeachment scandal.

Well, the United States Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) has finally taken an interest in Mr. Morton, after he invested $6 million that he solicited from individuals through his radio broadcasts, public appearances, and news letters that advised people to invest with his company.

Here's where it gets tricky. He's not just having money put into his company, but other companies as well. Vajra Productions LLC, 27 Investments LLC and Magic Eight Ball Inc. were all named as shell companies owned by Morton and his wife. Sounds a little like Bernie Madoff with a crystal ball, right?

The SEC alleges that only half of all the funds were invested, while the other half went into the Mortons' pockets.

Morton, 51 years old and known as "America's Prophet," appears on a nationally syndicated radio show, "Coast to Coast AM," with an audience of nearly 3 million listeners, the SEC said. He also publishes the monthly newsletter The Delphi Associates Newsletter, a paid, subscription-only newsletter that the SEC said has about 20,000 subscribers.

The sad thing, and we've all heard this story before with late-night televangelists, is that one investor is a 91-year-old woman who has already invested $125,000 and her daughter who put $170,000 into investments with this psychic.

If psychic intuitives could predict the ebbs and flows in the market and have this kind of success rate, then there would be no need for the stock market. Everybody would just use a psychic...and I would be a hell of a lot more well-off than I am.

People like this are dangerous in many ways. They give false hope. They take people's money. They continue the idea of psychics-as-fakes. And they're just plain bad folks. You may not have heard of Sean David Morton before, but you can guarantee yourself that his name is about to get thrown around the news circuit, dredging up a whole host of unwelcome and negative pagan/psychic sentiment.

But, maybe the guy's for real, and I need to be having him fill out my lottery ticket. Welcome to the Douchebag club Mr. Morton, aka IntuiDouche!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. "Sounds a little like Bernie Madoff with a crystal ball, right?"

    lol, I was thinking the same thing.


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