When Life Gives You Lemons, Eat Junk Food!

Without saying anything more - and thank you in advance for anything nice you have to say, but I probably won't respond to it (so you might not want to send it) - I no longer work with court services.

I could blame a lot of factors - myself, other people, 'the system,' the economy, Mercury Retrograde - but really I've chosen a different route:


Without further adieu, welcome to the next chapter of my my life! While I will miss the job, I'm looking forward to adding new experiences and a new career to my repertoire. So, this will be the last time you hear me talking about that job.


I've already handed out two resumes, filled out 4 applications, eaten 7 slices of pizza - okay...12 - and had a beautiful morning. Sure, I tossed and turned and couldn't sleep (thank you snoring...), but when I finally woke up the world was a great deal brighter.

I think that says a lot about how far I've come as a person the past couple of years. Goodness, the past few months! I'm in a much more solid place now than I was last summer when I was so upset about feeling lonely and lost and without direction. I have a direction: forward! 

Anyways, I am still Inciting My Friggin Riot as usual. Right now my job is getting a job. But, I still plan to continue the Riot in all its pitchfork and torch glory!

So, thanks in advance for your positive energy and such, but it would be great if we just moved ahead.

On second thought, maybe I should blame Mercury Retrograde... 

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. Fire Lyte never EVER blame yourself for what happened. Really....People are just not accepting. And they could not have done that legally..Hello constitution protects you and you could sue them for that. You have religious freedom just as they do. I ranting so much on my blog about this take a look...
    Now I am worried that I wont get a job as an officer....I am also sitting here my blood boiling with anger and I am shaking so bad about this..I am really sorry for you losing a job that you really liked. I am praying to the Goddess that you get it back.
    I mean I thought that America was done with this discrimination shit. Ughhh....


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