Episode 28: Inciting A Paid Riot

Episode 28 of Inciting A Riot: the Podcast has arrived! Today, we’re Inciting A Paid Riot and taking on the notion of getting paid/charging for magical services such as divination and spell-casting.

News: Payday lenders are screwing people, South Park screwed the wrong people, Immigration reform in Arizona is screwing everybody, and California won’t let certain people screw.

Word of the Day: repartee

Sociology: Unschooling – ever heard of it? Didn’t think so.

Spirituality: Getting paid or charging for magical services

Music: Paper Bag by Anna Nalick

We also have your listener feedback and my weird rambles at the end of the show.

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  1. Ok, listened to my first podcast of yours . . . loved it, although you made me quite sad with that story of the elderly couple. Makes me so glad that I live in Canada. As for paying for divination services . . . I personally would never charge and I completely understand what you mean about trading services. Loved the story about the bread. Perhaps a better comparison would be paying for the services of an artist. I also work as a musician. If someone hires me to play at their wedding or to write a piece for them . . . how can they assure the quality that I give them. I consider Magick a form of art. I think you hire whoever you are most comfortable with, whoever is recommended by word of mouth, and perhaps someone you've seen perform before. That being said, I've paid for the services of a Shaman . . . but I preferred when she said I should pay her whatever I feel is right.

    Thanks for making people think about this. Not an easy topic.


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