Happy Birthday to ME!

Okay, I know... It's a little self-ingratiating, but somebody had to say it! Today is my 24th birthday. Partner took me to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago to see all the fishies. You know you're in love with your pets when you think, "Gosh, Kika would love to see this."

Just sayin', I'd make a bitchin' dad!

My mom called to tell me The Story of My Birth. Actually, she caught my voice mail and told it to that. It's a tradition where she tells me all about the day I was born - about how I was a month late, how she had me induced, and how I just wouldn't friggin' come out until almost midnight. I caught up with her once my phone got signal, and she's promised to retell the story this evening over Skype. 

I've gotten some really sweet tweets and one rockin' eCard (thanks Velma!) from you awesome Rioters! You really have made this birthday a very special one. You've made my show NUMBER ONE on Podcast Alley! Each and every one of you are NUMBER ONE in my book, too. Yes, that's possible. Except Jason - aka Squirrel Man. He's above number one. He's like...1 Prime! Go April Birthdays.

Partner is out right now picking up some utterly fattening munchies from Buffalo Wild Wings - sorry vegetarians. This will mark the 3rd day in a row of eating junk, but I have promised my abs and and my fat cheeks that I'll be right back in the gym first thing...sometime this week. 

Anyways, Rioters, enjoy Episode 27. It took a lot of research, a lot of planning, and a lot of recording, but I hope you like it. Get yourself some birthday swag in the Swag Shop. Spread the love around. Thanks for walking...the Riotous Way. (Sorry Mojo...my fingers really wanted to type that.)

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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