Homosexuals are Pedophiles! Wait... What's a pedophile?

Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican's Secretary of State, is claiming that the child rape scandal currently tearing apart what last shreds of dignity the Roman Catholic church - and this Pope - has is all due to homosexuality. His comments were made on April 12th (Monday) in Chile during a news conference over the scandal involving a Catholic priest and a young girl. You read that right. The male priest is a homosexual for sexually assaulting the female girl.

According to Cardinal Bertone, "Many psychologists and psychiatrists have demonstrated that there is no relation between celibacy and paedophilia. But many others have demonstrated, I have been told recently, that there is a relation between homosexuality and paedophilia. That is true. That is the problem."

Mmk... Here's the thing about pedophiles: they're not just people that have sex with kids. If an offender sexually assaults a minor, that does not automatically make them a pedophile. What you find in dealing with pedophiles is that they have regressed to a point in childhood at which their sexual maturity stopped. An excellent article from WebMD by Gary Vogin, MD details pedophilia quite well:

Insecurity, Hord agrees, is at the heart of pedophilia. Typically, pedophiles have trouble relating to people their own age. They need to feel they have power and control in a relationship, which is easy with children.

I studied Crimes of Violence in college, with an entire semester focused on sex crimes. I am constantly frustrated when people misappropriate the label of pedophile to a person who has committed Aggravated Sexual Assault of a child. Does it belittle the crime at all if I say the offender is not a pedophile? No, but finding the right psychological diagnosis may very well determine whether the offender can be rehabilitated and introduced back into society or not.

And as for the Catholic Church, priests that can't stop diddling little kids, and blaming it on the sins of man, allow me to summarize my feelings in one word...


The current Catholic Church, like many institutions these days, needs a serious overhaul. To quote from the initial article:

In 1986 Cardinal Ratzinger wrote a letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons in which he stated that a homosexual orientation, even if the person was totally celibate, was a “tendency” toward an “intrinsic moral evil”. Moreover, he said, a homosexual inclination is both an “objective disorder” and a “moral disorder”, which is “contrary to the creative wisdom of God”. “Special concern and pastoral attention should be directed towards those who have this condition, lest they be led to believe that the living out of this orientation in homosexual activity is a morally acceptable option. It is not.”

The future Pope concluded in his letter that pastoral care for homosexual persons should include the “assistance of the psychological, sociological and medical sciences”, and that “all support should be withdrawn from any organisations which seek to undermine the teachings of the Church, which are ambiguous about it, or which ignore it entirely”.

Cardinal Ratzinger is now the Pope.

The guy who basically thinks gay people need to be institutionalized, the believes homosexuals are against the wisdom of God, that guy is the Pope - the leader that much of the world looks to for spiritual guidance. The same guy who believes Judaism and Islam are evil, dark religions. The same guy who believes those practicing native beliefs 'secretly long' for Christianity.

The same guy who, when investigating a child sex abuse scandal in the 1980s, slapped the priest on the wrist when it was found he was guilting of lewd conduct with young boys. The same guy who said that these cases should be treated with 'due caution' and gave consideration of the 'good of the universal Church' before deciding whether to defrock the priest.

I urge the Pope, his Cardinals, and the rest of the Religious and conservative ideologues to bear in mind a verse from their most cherished book before they dare speak about matters such as these again:

Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? Matthew 7:3

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. I never was comfortable with Ratzinger as pope, even when I was still Catholic. He's about as sexist and homophobic as they come (and no one has yet explained to me how celibacy is affected by which gender you're abstaining from).

    But his behavior toward the sex scandal over the past 30-odd years is beyond shameful. It is absolutely horrific. Kicking out the priests shows that you won't take this shit in your church, Joe. Quietly shuffling them around so they can rape children again shows that you don't give a fuck about the children, only about a fallacious notion that your underlings can do no wrong.


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