Justice Stevens retires & Chicago brothel busted

Justice John Paul Stevens announced officially, today, that he will be retiring at the end of the current term. This provides an interesting opportunity for President Obama, as Stevens was considered by many to be one of the court's most prominent Liberal judges. He even opposed a recent ruling allowing corporations to donate unlimited amounts of money to political campaigns, writing the dissenting opinion for that case.

Stevens is the fourth-longest-serving justice to have served on the court, beginning his tenure in 1970. He says that he was once considered conservative, and that he hadn't changed, the court had.

Obama has an opportunity here, a rare one, to appoint back-to-back justices to the Supreme Court. Many are positing that he will appoint another liberal to keep the balance of ideologies on the bench, and even more political wonks, bloggers, and talking heads are all coming up with their 'short lists' of who they think Obama will put on his short list. In truth, nobody knows who the President is considering. I just hope that whoever he puts on the bench will stand for civil rights, fair-minded spending, keep in touch with the needs of the people (not necessarily whims or wants), and - most importantly - KNOWS when their time is up.

Any political or legal figure that YOU'd like to see on the bench?

In Sex Industry news: Breaking news out of Chicago reports that the owner of a Chinatown brothel offered an undercover cop (posing as a crooked cop) over $18,000 in cash and free sex in exchange for protection. Needless to say, the guy was busted. Sheng Quan Dong, age 37, and his wife Li Xia Zhao were arrested yesterday. He is charged with bribery, pandering, keeping a place of prostitution, and other felonies. She is charged solicitation, keeping a place of prostitution, and pimping.

Yep, pimping is a real crime.

These arrests bring an over 4-year-long investigation to a close. Over the course of that time, the undercover cop was taking money each month to look the other way about the brothel. This amount increased as a second brothel opened. Dong, his wife, and their associates employed mostly Asian women from other cities that they would fly in to work in the brothel for a few weeks at a time. 

Also arrested were: Laisheng Zhang, 54, of West 25th Place, charged with pandering; Changhai Chen, 39, of South Wentworth Avenue, charged with patronizing a prostitute; Danling Zeng, 32, of Brooklyn, New York, charged with possession of a controlled substance and prostitution; and Kristy Kim, 46, of Palisades Park, New Jersey, charged with prostitution.

No word yet whether the prostitutes in question were paid extra not to make fun of the clients' tiny penises.

I'm sorry! I'm sorry... I just couldn't resist the tiny penis joke!

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