New WitchVox Article: Doubt Increases Belief

Rioters! I'm recording the next episode of Inciting A Riot: the Podcast within the next 24 hours, but for now I'd love to point you to my new article on WitchVox - the Witch's Voice. Here's a snippet:

I’m an academic. I’m not a philosopher, and though I made A’s in all my Philosophy courses in school, I cannot possibly consider myself a true philosopher. I’m a social scientist. I study the human condition, specifically what happens when we do harm to one another. I’m what philosophers would call a naïve realist. A naïve realist is someone who completely accepts that the world is real, that it does not require perception to be real, and that it would be real whether or not I thought it was real. To me, that is a leap of faith in and of itself. I don’t question the realness of the bullet; I just know I don’t want it to hit me.

I know doubt on an intimate level. I question everything: motives, definitions, reasoning, thought patterns, what I read, what I see, and most especially what I hear out of people’s mouths. I’m the first to encourage pagans to call one another out on their claims of superpowers and claiming ridiculous titles like High Mugwump Magus of the 7th Seely Court – or whatever your particular World of Warcraft guild calls you. So, why, then would I ever talk about having faith? And how is the acceptance of reality a leap of faith?

To read the rest of the article, head over to the Witch's Voice website and read Doubt Increases Belief. Make sure to send me your thoughts on skepticism and faith to or Tweet me @IncitingARiot!

Love and Lyte,

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