Spring is BLOOMING around my house!

These pictures come from around my back yard. It is just so glorious to go outside and see such luscious flowers and opulent trees.

Times like this remind me to be very thankful of freedom, of the Mother, of healthy lungs that breathe air, of life, and of all that is.

Yes, even the bad. Because, without the bad, without the rain and clouds covering the sun, how would we measure the glory of times such as these?

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte
(Hint: Clicking the pictures makes them BIGGER!)
The first blooms of Spring came a few weeks ago.

This bird's nest was in some shrubs next to a parking lot. Something about it was gorgeous, tragic, and said ART to me.

The next flowers to bloom in my back yard. I actually don't know what they are for sure. (Bad earth lover!)

I pass this tree everyday on my walk with Kika. The exposed root system is a beautiful analogy for connecting with the divine. Or at least that's what I thought.

Look! It's a squirrel! They're all over our back yard.

Bella, the cat, REALLY wanted to make friends with the squirrel.

I also pass this tree everyday on my walk with the dog. When it's in bloom, and you catch the sun behind it, it takes your breath away every single time.

What does spring look like around YOUR house? Send pictures to IncitingARiotPodcast@gmail.com


  1. You know, it's probably because I just started following an earth-based spirituality a few months ago, but I've never noticed the "riot" of colorful tree blossoms around my home, neighborhood, parks near my work and home, and along the tracks of the train I take to work. Yes, Summer is going to be nice and warm, but I'll miss the blossoms.

  2. Such lovely dandelions! I don't know if you saw the picture of the dandelions I posted on Twitter a week or so ago. They're not as many, but so beautiful.

    And does Bella want to make friends with the squirrel or make a meal out of it? ;)

    My cat, Precious, is constantly trying to get outdoors right now. When the weather warms up another ten degrees in the evening, I figure I'll have to sit on the front porch and give her some time to play.

  3. I love the cat and the squirrel picture :D!

  4. It's tulips, sweetie! (although they look a bit like Opium Poppies...but alas, they're just tulips)


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