Sweet Swagness You Can Win!

Hello my dear Rioters! Before we continue with our regularly scheduled Riot, possibly coming in the next few hours, I have some business you all might like to know about. (My apologies to prepositions everywhere.)

First off: I am announcing the Riot's first ever SWAG CONTEST!!! Because of the overwhelming - seriously overwhelming, I was nearly in tears - outpouring of support you all have shown me in the past few weeks, and specifically last night as it looked like the Riot was to be postponed, I am now finally able to have a Swag Draw! I will also officially announce this on Ep. 27 of Inciting A Riot: the Podcast, but I'm giving you Blog Readers a jump start.

The rules are simple:

  1. The contest is open from the time it is announced until the end of that respective month. So, this contest will be going from now - April 13, 2010 - until Friday, April 30th. The winner - possibly winners - will be announced on the show following that Friday. 
  2. As soon as one contest ends, the next begins.
  3. To enter the contest, either submit a donation via the PayPal donate button on the left-hand side of IncitingARiot.com OR by purchasing an item from the Swag Shop
  4. The amount of the donation doesn't matter. Someone donating $10 has the same chance to win as someone donating $1. 
  5. IF you enter by purchasing swag, you MUST take a picture of you with the swag as proof. (Plus, I'll add a section to the site for pictures of Rioters with their swag. SWEET!) So, yes, your face must be in the photo. You may also add your dog, cat, altar, herb garden, or anything else you'd like to put up on the Rioters page in the picture!
  6. Prizes solely depend on the amount of donations received. This site takes a small amount of money to maintain, and once that amount is met, everything else can be used for swag contests and bettering the Riot. I have some original artwork - paintings, statuary, etc. - that I'd like to give away, and there is also a nice selection of swag to choose from. 
If you are a merchant, musician, craftsman, hobbyist, etc., you may donate items, CDs, jewelry, tools, or anything else you make or sell to be given away in the Swag Draw. This not only promotes your business and improves your visibility in the online pagan world, but it helps out the Riot by lessening the cost of purchasing Swag!

We already have entries into this month's Swag Draw! Thank you to everyone who has given thus far, but you still have time!

In Sweet Swag News: You can now purchase Project Pagan Enough BUMPER STICKERS! They look exactly like this:
But much, much bigger! Head over to the CafePress Swag Shop to snag yours!

Note: No funds ever given or profits from purchased swag will ever go in my pocket. Ever. This money is given in good faith by the Rioters who enjoy the Riot and want to see it continue in all its pitchfork and torch waving glory. I will always honor that good faith by using this money to give back to you and to simply maintain the costs of hosting fees and domain usage. 

One last thing: If you can spare a few minutes, please check out the articles on Examiner.com. Each page view generates some small income, which is used to buy pitchforks for Rioters whose old ones have gotten bent and rusty. You can subscribe to them and read new ones as they come out! Also, click around Examiner.com. There are some fantastic articles and writers there. You might find somebody inciting their own, unique Riot!

Thank you all so much for your love and support over the past year. I hope to see this Riot grow and prosper for years to come. And now, back to the semi-regularly scheduled Riot!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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