We have a pickle, and it looks like this: $

Rioters, I hate to ask, and I really haven't ever pushed it before, but we've found ourselves in a pickle. I have some fantastic shows recorded and planned, but Podbean is telling me I don't have enough space to upload them. Because the show has taken off the way it has, and because it has grown, the space it takes up on Podbean has grown as well.

Now, this space resets itself - somewhat - month to month, but I have officially reached the limit of space I can use. So, I'm hoping to make some upgrades to the Podbean account so that you and I can continue this Riot. Unfortunately, this costs money. They charge me for hosting fees and such.

I try not to ask, but I'm asking now. Please don't feel obligated, and I would just absorb the costs if I could, but being in job limbo doesn't help matters much. So, if you can give a $1, or $5, or anything at all, I would be so grateful. I will try and make up the difference of any donations to upgrade the account so we can continue this Riot, but I need your help. The donate button is on the left side of the screen. Scroll down a bit and you'll see it under the heading Support the Riot.

I will trade commercials, and well even have a swag draw for all those that give - despite the amount - if we can get enough donations! So, if Inciting A Riot is a podcast you want to continue enjoying without interruption, if the blog is an asset to you in any way, could you spare a couple bucks to help me continue putting it out there.

Bless you all in advance, and I truly thank you.

Update: In response to the numerous requests, Project Pagan Enough bumper stickers are now available for purchase through the Inciting A Riot Swag Shop!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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