When gang rape goes bad.

From Trenton, New Jersey, it has been reported that a 7-year-old girl was sold by her 15-year-old stepsister at a party in a 'crime-ridden' apartment building in the state's capitol. After being sold, this girl was raped by two men and three teenage boys. These five male offenders have all since been arrested and charged with Aggravated Sexual Assault and Child Endangerment.

Just to ease your mind, Agg. Sexual Assault - especially of someone under 13 years of age - can carry with it a life sentence. Because I have no problem reprinting these disgusting men's names, these are who are charged with the crime:

Those arrested included Gregory Joseph Leary, 20, in custody since Friday, when he was charged with having sex with the 15-year-old. The other four are Timear Lewis, 19, and boys ages 13, 14 and 17. Each was charged with aggravated sexual assault and child endangerment.

Police now say that the stepsister went to a party at the Rowan Towers apartment building on March 28 and prostituted herself to men and boys, then she began taking money to let these same grown men and teenaged boys touch her 7-year-old stepsister. Again, thankfully, the 15-year-old stepsister has also been arrested and is charged with Promoting Prostitution, Aggravated Sexual Assault, and other crimes.

The apartment building that this occurred in is in the middle of several abandoned, boarded up homes. This is one of the reasons why cities and local government need to get back to rebuilding those areas which have fallen to ruin. There is most definitely a criminal correlation between allowing a neighborhood to become a slum and an increase in criminal activity. Police have been asking neighbors in the building and attendees of the party to come forward, but they have largely refused due to fear of retaliation by local gangs.

Mayor Doug Palmer seems to be jumping in and helping this family by providing counseling and possible relocation for the family, who is reportedly (naturally) quite shaken and 'tormented.'

Funny, when I told people I worked with kids they never really gave me much credit. These are the issues the juvenile system sees on a daily basis. The most heinous and baffling crimes can happen at any age, and just because someone is young does not mean one should dismiss them as harmless.

My heart and prayers goes out to this family. I know my dear Rioters join me in sending a collective blessing to that poor girl who was sold into slavery - even if it was just for one night. I pray that her mind will heal quickly, as will her body. I hope these scars do not stunt her from becoming a beautiful, social, loving woman.
A fantastic book, if you're interested in juvenile criminals, is called Last Chance in Texas by John Hubner. I read it during my Juvenile Delinquency class in college. Truly worth a read to get an idea of what it takes to rehabilitate juvenile criminals.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. A most dreadful and despicable crime at best. I feel like crying whenever I hear stories like this. They just make me sick.
    While one victim is clearly the poor younger girl (pray she can deal with and cope with what has happened to her) another is the 15 year old. What on earth would possess a 15 year old to act in such a way? With such a cruel heart? Could her actions perhaps be considered a sign of our times?
    I sincerely hope not.
    My prayers and blessings are with both girls and their families, especially the younger girl. I really, really hope she can get over what's happened to her.

  2. It's sad to say, but that child may never get over what was done to her. Victims of child sexual abuse carry a scar not only on their minds and body's, but also on their souls for the rest of their lives. The best she can hope for is a good support system to help her learn to live with it and be able to lessen the pain she will carry from now on.
    My heart hurts for her.


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