Arizona Banning Illegal...Education?

Arizona just isn't going to catch a break from anybody any time soon. Unfortunately for them, the government of AZ has nobody to blame but the people that keep passing ludicrous legislation in the state. Tuesday, the governor of Arizona signed into law legislation banning the teaching of ethnic studies. That's right! Not only do we not want any dang Mexicans in our state, we also don't want to learn about them in history class!

Or black people.

Or Native American people.

Or, technically, any minority race.

Seriously, you've got to read this law, which can be found here. HB 2281 seeks to outlaw 4 kinds of ethnic studies:

  1. Classes that promote the overthrow of the United States government.
  2. Promote resentment toward a race or class of people.
  3. Are designed primarily for pupils or a particular ethnic group.
  4. Advocate ethnic solidarity instead of treating pupils as individuals.
Ok... I'm all for 1, but there aren't any classes that currently teach or promote overthrowing the freaking government, as that is already taken care of in other legislation. Rendering this point useless. Number 2 is fine as well. The less hostility we have, especially in these times, the better.

I'm lost as to the points of 3 & 4. 

Let me get this logic straight. Ok, so you're attempting to stop the hatred and racism going on in your state by criminalizing the teaching of minority/ethnic studies, because this kind of education will lead to wanting to overthrow the American government, promote resentment toward a race (wonder which one that it rhymes with whyte peepl), and cause solidarity between those of minority races. (And that last one is a bad thing?)

You would think the Arizona government would want to look slightly less racist these days, especially as the mayor of Phoenix has recently stated their economy is barely hanging on due to boycotts. This is the kind of legislation that doesn't make a lick of sense. Just like sex education isn't going to make kids want to have sex, learning how the white guys in the US government did some bad things to minorities over the years isn't going to cause riots in the street.

However, covering up historical facts to keep our children in the dark in order to make yourself look better...THAT might make people pissed off. Like me. I am against any governing body that would seek to keep our children in the dark about historical fact. I know our history isn't pretty, but it's our history. Unless we acknowledge the mistakes of the past, we're doomed to repeat them. 

And, not to beat the very dead horse, but Arizona is attempting to whitewash US history by not allowing students to learn about slavery, the awful things done (and still being done) to Native Americans, etc. They're attempting to forget the past. Oh look...persecution of a minority! History...repeating?

What do YOU think of the matter? Do you support removing minority studies from public schools? Are you against it? Let me know what YOU think about this important educational topic by emailing, leaving a comment, or Tweet me @IncitingARiot!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. I know Fire Lyte save me from my dumb ass state! Thanks Governor I am sure everyone is going to love Arizona even more now...WTF????? I promise not all of us Arizonans are racist. Maybe it's time we send some bad juju to Miss Brewer not anything that would hurt her but maybe some magic to bind her from passing anymore racist laws!

  2. I began to get concerned as I read through the bill, until I read subsection E. 1-4 and subsection F. These specifically state that cultural studies will NOT be prohibited. Teaching about minority oppression, all acts of genocide, and controversial aspects of history, are just a few of the things that are specifically listed as warranted in education and NOT prohibited.
    p.s. I am a teacher in AZ. Even if they DID ban cultural studies, that would not dissuade me from including it in my curriculum.

  3. Splendificus/RobMay 15, 2010 at 12:17 AM

    Even I don't really get this one. Some of the educators in Tucson have real problems with #1, but its not an institutional thing. Passing a statewide bill because of a few teachers is silly. I highly doubt those teachers down there are going to change their ways anyway due to this bill. The State superintendent has been putting pressure on that bunch, but they don't care.

  4. NAU isnt doing this..I am so glad..they will not tolerate racial descrimination nor follow this law.
    Flagstaff is suing the state of arizona as well =)
    I am glad I wont have to suffer this at school I cannot stand this law

  5. Holy bananas there is a lot of rioters in Arizona in Education =p

  6. Splendificus you are correct! I am so excited to see all these comments...I use to be a public school teacher in AZ, but now I work at a medical university (so still in education). Go Lumberjacks!I am NAU alumni too-I use to work for the College of Education at NAU and I know Flagstaff and NAU were never be on board with a law like this!



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