Boy Scouts Do It Gamer-Style

Boy Scouts of America have gotten with the times and created a Video Game Badge. (above) Well, not a badge, but a belt loop. The organization that is known for tying knots and enjoying quality time together in secluded wooded areas has now decided to head back indoors for some first-person fun.

A few of the requirements to get the belt loop include:

  1. Make a plan with your parent/guardian to purchase a game appropriate to your age.
  2. While being supervised by a parent/guardian, install a gaming system.
  3. Demonstrating knowledge of the video game rating system, creating a schedule balancing gaming with schoolwork and chores, and learning to play any new video game that is approved by a parent, guardian or teacher
Ooook. I understand that in order to remain relevant in 2010, many organizations are trying to update their public images, but...the Boy Scouts? Seriously, if everybody is inside playing games, who will tie our knots? Who will start fires with sticks and rope? 


To a slightly serious point, what is this saying about our culture? I understand that people love their XBoxes and their Wiis and their other various idiot boxes. And, I also understand the hypocrisy of an online blogger and podcaster decrying the woes of what modern technology is doing to our youth, but to encourage kids to sit inside and play games?

The Boy Scouts - an organization I was a part of for one whole year...ok Cub Scouts, but whatever - encourages its members to get outside, get active, become a productive member of society and the surrounding ecosystem. We're not going to do that by sitting inside and playing Call of Duty 27. I get the point of the badge: allowing the kids to earn points for something they already love doing. The same thing used to be true about canoeing, camping, etc.

But, what's next? The Masturbating Badge? The Watching Porn Belt Loop? The Fooling Around Behind The Bleachers Pin? Boys love doing that, too! 

What is the extent of these badges, and how modern will the Boy Scouts become? As cliche as this phrase is, only time will tell. 

What do YOU think of this modern belt loop? Should Boy Scouts be getting outside and tying knots, or is it totally fine to be inside playing video games instead? Leave a comment below, Tweet me @IncitingARiot, or email and weigh in on the Boy Scout Belt Loop Riot!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. Rob/ SplendificusMay 3, 2010 at 8:53 PM

    Wow, that seems like the most ridiculous thing I've heard of recently. I really enjoyed scouting and was just shy of eagle before I decided to run off to the scouts with bigger toys (Army).

    We had fun in scouts sure, but most of that fun reinforced self-sufficiency, responsible citizenship, service, and manhood(for lack of a better term).

    I don't see how this does any of that. It seems just like a desperate ploy to get kids more interested in scouting.

  2. Where's there badge for subtle discrimination against homosexuals and non-Christians? They've been doing that for years.

    David B
    -Eagle Scout 1989 (reformed)

  3. I can't wait to tell my OotA Eagle Scout brother about how the Scouts have turned to the wonders of the Great Indoors. 9_9

    On the plus side, though, at least they're reminding kids that video games, like any other hobby, should be enjoyed in moderation, and that they should pay attention to the warning labels and play age-appropriate games.

  4. Rob / SplendificusMay 4, 2010 at 4:16 PM

    Penguindave, I knew about the problems with homosexuality, but I didn't know they had a problem with Non-Christians.

    Do you mean a problem with just pagans and non-believers? When I was scouting in the 90s you just had to accept belief in a higher power,nothing much specific. We had several Jewish kids in our group. One of the Jewish kids was cousins with Screech from saved by the bell, we all thought that was kickin' rad. :p
    The rest of our group was mostly Mormon.

  5. Man alive! What will it be next? What a stupid badge...I am way too nature loving to promote a video game badge! My future son will not be earning that badge! It just shows how much our culture is still moving away from our connection to Mother Earth. Masturbation badge-hysterical-I could maybe get on board with that-LOL. Okay J/K.


  6. Athiest scouts have been getting a bum rap for years, I have read news stories about Pagan, Buddhist, and Muslim scouts being pushed into quitting. Personally, I was told that I could not become a member of Boy Scout troop 29 until myself and my family joined the Mormon church. We were a Christian family at the time, but not Mormon. I left behind all the scouts I knew to join a brand new troop in town because of it. Years later, the old scoutmaster and his son were arrested for child molestation. I no longer support the BSA, I do not give to the United Way, and I do not vote for candidates that support government funding of BSA organizations.

    It's too bad I'm this bitter about it. I really did have a good time.

  7. Respectfully I disagree.

    First of all any group that does not find a way to deal with the times in which it exists will find it's membership ever decreasing. Second of all since video games do exist, are very popular, and something that most if not all of the young men who would be in scouting are likely to have contact with, which makes better sense? To A: Have a puritanical "Video games are bad, nature rocks" message? Or to B: Present a "Video games can be an enjoyable and positive thing enjoyed in moderation" message?

    Personally it seems to me that the requirements to earn either the loop or badge, are such that they encourage the scout to play with friends, to think about the larger issues, both technical and social, and to make gaming a part of a balanced life. These are all good things.

    And for the record my comments are being restricted to the video game situation exclusively. Suffice it to say if I had a son I would do everything within my power to dissuade him from getting anywhere near the scouts, given their well known christofascist homophobia.

  8. Ok, to become more up to date why don't they stop banning gays ( In Canada that was deemed illegal a long time ago unlike the US, gay have to be welcomed here as it is in our constitution)and embracing more "fringe" groups.

  9. I vote for a text messaging badge! How fast can you type with your thumbs? Can you manage to ignore everything going on around you and chat with a friend about gossip for hours on end? Can you isolate your friends by paying attention to your phone during social gatherings?


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